Herb Russell receives recognition from SVCOA

Dear Editor,

I wanted to pass along my thoughts on Herb Russell, State Representative for City of Rutland. I met him recently at my Stepdad’s funeral and was so impressed by the things he’s done for the
city, but most especially for the personal contact he maintained with my Stepdad Norman Dean and my Mom Anja Ahti Dean of Rutland. Norm was a WWII veteran and passed away at the age of 94 on June 27. He and my Mom were married 33 years and lived on Dorr Drive and somehow became acquainted with Herb a few years ago. Herb has been stopping in to check on them from time to time and during Tropical Storm Irene when my parents’ home was flooded he went out of his way to make sure they got what they needed to return to their home. He has also helped my 81-year-old Mother Anja get medical services in some difficult circumstances. He has stopped by the house to check on my Mom since her loss of Norman and this means a lot to her and all of us in her family since we are all located quite far from Rutland. In my opinion, if more of our elected officials were to make this kind of direct contact and take direct actions to help the
people they represent, this country would be stronger, safer, healthier and happier.

Best regards, Bob Ahti.

Herb Russell was presented with the 2014 Vermont State Representative and Senior Advocate Award at SVCOA’s 2014 Annual Meeting.

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