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Heat pumps may be a good investment

By Josh Castonguay

Editor’s note: Josh Castonguay lives in Colchester, and is the vice president, chief innovation and engineering executive at Green Mountain Power.

When it gets hot outside, folks say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that gets you. Some Vermonters relish the warm weather no matter how damp it is. Summer is so fleeting here, they savor every sweltering day. Well, I don’t miss the humidity in my home. We installed heat pumps a few years ago to switch away from fossil fuel for heating and picked up the benefit of amazing cooling in the summer at the same time! This is one of my favorite things about switching away from fossil fuels with the heat pumps. Carbon-free electricity powers the super-efficient heating, and my wife, kids and I are comfortable when it’s below zero or above 90 degrees.

Heat pumps are more than twice as energy efficient as window air conditioners! Most Vermont utilities, along with Efficiency Vermont, offer customers discounts on heat pumps. I work at Green Mountain Power, and GMP customers can get rebates up to $1,000 off per condenser depending on income. (Lower income customers save the most.) The idea is to make it easier for you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. GMP has rebates for electric vehicles, yard equipment, and more.

Switching away from fossil fuel for heating is a key step in reducing your own carbon footprint, and it can help Vermont reach its climate goals. Over a third of carbon emissions in Vermont are from heating with fossil fuels. The good news is switching to heat pumps to heat your home will keep you cool and comfortable in summer, too. GMP even provides a free smart control that allows me to monitor and operate my heat pump with a smart device from anywhere at anytime! Reach out and GMP can help! 888-835-4672. Heat pumps will provide you year-round comfort… and that’s pretty cool!

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  1. If you already had an air conditioner that is not a heat pump from the factory I could have upgraded it. Would you consider doing an article on my invention

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