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Grip your oar for a tidal shift

By Cassanra Tyndall

There’s no reason to resist when you’re moving downstream. The waters simply carry you with little effort on your part. It’s not until the tide shifts direction or there’s no tide at all, when you’re completely still that you begin to experience confusion. In a panic- induced state and without question, you grip your oar and attempt to row. The problem with this is that you’re not even paying attention to the tidal conditions around you. The oar becomes your best friend when you frantically try to change the trajectory of your current predicament.

The problem is with this week, the tidal conditions are set. The good news is that the veil is thin and if you embrace the stillness, you’ll recognize the power of the current moment. If your proverbial boat has taken on water, you need to remedy that and by emptying out immediately. This could take shape in the form of your habits, routines or even your relationships. Something seen will become temporarily unseen, only to be seen again. Everything will look different. Feel different. The conditions are set. Grip your oar. If you pay attention, the subtle, yet powerful tidal shifts will tell you all you need to know.

One comment on “Grip your oar for a tidal shift

  1. Thank you I am a dedicated reader and find for me you are spot-on and a great help and shining star for the ways in which I live and plan my week.

    Our Thanksgiving day is 11-24-1944, which is my and my twin brother s birthday 🎂, a big 78. I have Parkinson’s disease 🦠, am doing well in my very slowed down movement s, and Jack is going full tilt, sharing with my his family and good times.

    Thank you so much for your generous gift of sharing your gift with me.

    In lovely spirit, Janet, in stitches 🧵

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