Go deeper

By Cassanda Tyndall

What’s fair in love and war is likely to be highlighted this week. As the planet of love, Venus, makes a series of alignments to other planets, you might begin to question just how far you’re willing to go in order to find equilibrium.

A sense of helplessness, powerlessness or lack of hope can feel overwhelming and confusing. If you think about it deeply enough, there are gifts to be had, even in the most barren of landscapes. When you can get fed up enough, is when you’re willing to explore another perspective or point of view. It’s from the position of being between a rock and hard place that you can make right-for-you-choices and are more willing to invite change.

There is some joy, elevation and support that can be gleaned from the willingness to change your mind. It may come in the form of a breakthrough, a surprising or sudden piece of news, or simply that you’ve got no other choice. If you feel like you’re going over old territory, it’s probably because you are. If in doubt, go deeper. Explore the hidden depths, what lies beneath. The solution can be found in the exact place you’re reluctant to look, and that’s within you.

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