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Give yourself time

By Cassandra Tyndall

Like many facets in life, what looks good on paper doesn’t always equate to what works out well in actuality. The same can be said for planets. While some planets don’t appear to be functional in certain signs, they can still be effective.

Take this week for example. Both Mercury and Mars move from signs they are very happy in — Gemini and Aries, respectively — to Cancer and Taurus, signs where neither hold any special gifts or talents. That said, Mercury in Cancer may help you tap into what feels right for you, rather than simply relying on facts, figures and data. Giving voice to your thoughts and feelings may help you initiate heartfelt conversations.

When it comes to taking action and making headway with progress, sure, Mars in Taurus would not be your ideal go–to combination. It may take you a while to make a decision or choice, but be rest assured, once you’ve made it there will be no stopping you!

Give yourself some time this week to consider your feelings and your best course of action. While the pace of progress may shift down gears a bit, you could be better for it in the long run. Slow and steady wins the race.

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