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Give yourself permission to space out for a few hours

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a late Virgo Moon. The Moon recently turned Void-of-Course, which keeps us in a state of suspended animation until she makes her entrance into Libra. Loosely translated, this means there will be plenty of room for a lot of mid-day madness, during which time we will be free to go out for recess and do whatever we please.

With everything else that’s going on, aspect-wise, a few hours with a chance to be off the hook could be a total blessing. Writing these weekly posts gives me a chance to keep up with which way the world is turning. At the moment, the entire planet is being T-Boned by a 90-degree aspect between Pluto and the asteroid, Vesta. Just so you know, the textbook interpretation of this configuration reads like this:

“Work, employment issues become a bone of contention and form the basis for power struggles between partners and within organizations. Work becomes the means by which one ‘stays on top.’ Work is used to distance, or alienate. To lose oneself in one’s work because there are control battles which one cannot win, OR, as a distraction from radical circumstances. To be involved in money troubles, therapy, compulsions of others through the career. To be aloof in the face of ultimatums, psychological pressure, or manipulation. To become distant in the face of confrontations or intensity, or other forms of pressure. To be caught in the cross fire of the power struggles of others, and to be wiped out, abandoned, and emotionally devastated in a very impersonal way, because of it.” (Martha Lang-Wescott writes in “Mechanics of the Future: ASTEROIDS.”)

To increase the intensity of this connection the asteroid, Astraea happens to be in tough aspect to both Pluto AND Vesta, with Vesta sitting in the corner pocket of a T-Square that has us teetering on the brink of destruction. For better or worse we are being put through the ringer and are about to be annihilated or redeemed in the process. Whatever appears to be on its way up will keep rising with no interference, to the extent that it is maintained in a state of integrity. Whatever’s down for the count will keep breathing until the last gun is fired — or until the heart of the matter is restored to a state of trust, harmony, and peace.

In the midst of my own questions and changes, being the answer woman can be a challenge. I would love to be wise enough to set everyone straight, but it’s one of those days when it would be better for all of us if I gave myself a break. As you contemplate your future, and wonder what your fortune has in store for you this week, know that the woman who writes this stuff is heading down to the Dollar Store to pick up some cat litter, gaze at all the cheap stuff, and join the human race. Hey it’s the Moon’s Void of Course — give yourself permission to space out for a few hours and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes!

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