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Family relationships are complicated

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Leo Moon. Over the last week I have done charts for four or five people, ranging in age from 19 to 65. Every time I do a reading I come out of it loaded with compassion for what the younger people face and for what my older clients have had to endure. In the latter case it amazes me that these individuals have made it through life’s gauntlet and are still willing to show up on time, with a smile on their face. In the former case, with the young ones, I think about all that they have not yet seen about themselves, and what they have yet to experience. Sometimes it breaks my heart.

You may ask, “How can I see all these things?” What I am able to see comes from 50 years of having to see it again and again, in person after person, and knowing from experience that certain astrological aspects will manifest in specific ways no matter who I am speaking with, or what their unique circumstances happen to be. Astrology is an exact science, and astrological aspects can be relied upon to express themselves consistently, in the same way that certain chemical combinations and experiments will always yield the same results.

After a week of talking with young and old souls whose stories are gut wrenching, I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the aspects that made me see it that way. One of the main combinations always involves hard aspects between the Moon and Hades. What does this mean? Whenever I see this combination I know that the individual’s mother was depressed; either that or she was totally diminished, put down, and treated like a charwoman or a slave. What this does to the individual is that it creates a template for mothering, and female-ness that is based on sadness, depression, and degradation. It can mean that the person grew up in a situation where the maternal model required them to overcompensate for what she was unable to provide. In some cases this kind of experience causes the individual to absorb, or take on, the mother’s sadness – or it infuses the person with strong tendencies toward their own brand of depression.

In other cases, I often see a hard combination between the asteroid Ophelia, the asteroids Ceres or Demeter, and the asteroid Psyche. These bodies suggest that the mother is/was a nut job. More often than not it says that the mother had kids when she was too young and thus, ill-equipped to embrace the mothering role. At times, it can be the hallmark of a shotgun wedding. At the very least, it implies that the mother was damaged, and that her damage got passed on, or was projected on to the child.

I have seen this aspect combination enough times to know for sure that any mention of any of the above scenarios will be met with a response that confirms whatever I say. In keeping with the Ophelia story, (Ophelia was betrothed to Hamlet and committed suicide by drowning herself in a river. It is implied in the Shakespeare play that Ophelia took her life because she was unmarried, and with child) more than once I have had clients tell me that they were pregnant before marriage, or that they were the product of an incestuous relationship between their mother and their grandfather or an uncle.

Aspects between Siva and the Moon indicate that the client got nothing from their parents, no sense of identity, no sense of how to integrate their uniqueness in with the wider world and no way to integrate themselves emotionally into the matrix. This set of circumstances shows up as much in affluent, well-heeled and well-educated families as it does in situations where want, lack and addiction are part of the scenery. It is a mind blower. The stories that go with it would curl your hair. Because there is nothing real or lasting or enduring for these people to rest their souls upon, it takes a long time for them to build a life that offers them any sense of security, or safety.

Another aspect that I see quite a lot involves hard contacts between Siva and the trans- Neptunian point, Cupido. This one is a corker. What it implies is that the person is literally allergic to their family. As you know, all of us are born and bred to believe that family is everything. Not so when Siva and Cupido are conjunct, squared or opposed. When that is the case, the less time the person spends around their family the happier and the better adjusted they are. Talking to people about this is always interesting. They have to rearrange their whole world view just to get it. If they can grasp the concept, there is usually an amazing sense of relief that washes over them before the session ends. Their inner being is overjoyed to be totally off the hook, and free to release the need to keep barking up the family tree.

I could keep going forever but we haven’t got time to write a book. Let’s cap things off with one more example. Hard aspects between Siva and Psyche are a clear sign that the relationship with the father was totally destructive to the person’s inner being. It can also imply that the father was destroyed by something and that his destruction had a devastating impact on the individual.  Aspects from other planets and bodies will flesh out the details. When the asteroid Bacchus is involved in the Siva-Psyche pattern, it means that Daddy was destroyed through the addictive syndrome. Sometimes what shows up is that Daddy was destroyed by Mommy.

Life is interesting. It would be great if we got prepped better for some of the stuff that unfolds. The thing about what’s going on in 3-D is that we learn from time and experience. Here on planet earth we are subject to the law of polarity. This means that dark and light have equal sway over everything and that God and the truth can be found at both ends of that spectrum.

The deal with understanding why some people have it easy and some people have it hard calls us to remember that all of us bring a huge amount of karma with us when we were born. How that plays out from one life to the next involves reaping what we’ve sown. It takes a long time to make sense of it all, and some of us never do. In everything, it is important to keep in mind, that no matter which end of the spectrum we find our experience on all of it is light, and God can be found even in the deepest heart of darkness. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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