Mother's celestial inspirations

Energy becomes aligned

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aries Moon, in the wake of the Blood Moon Eclipse: if we’re still here, all present and accounted for, then the apocalyptic gossip that preceded the event, was nothing but an exaggerated barrage of fear porn. Hey, it is easy to see why we might see it that way. Things are so conflictual in the heavens, it would be natural for any astrologer to translate those effects with a hard edge. My own tendency leans in that direction, but this time things feel a little different.

In the midst of changes that seem less about doom and gloom and more about waking up, my sense is that what happened last night was a milestone, one of those moments in time when every orb in the solar system was do-si-do-ing perfectly with itself, and with its fellow companions, in a cosmic dance that has spiraled the consciousness of every dancer on the planet to a whole new level. None of us are 100 percent clear about what is going on, and many of us are woozy from the way things get whenever the dimensions shift. Between that, the Pope and his “Magical Mystery Tour,” the magnetic field fluctuations, the electromagnetic pollution, the heavy-metal particulates in the atmosphere, and the garbage that’s pouring out of our wide-screen TV’s, not becoming comatose is taking every ounce of strength we’ve got.

In looking at where things are at I realized, “My God: I could write a book about this,” but since none of us have the time, I decided to see if I could skip the technical jargon and cut to the chase.

We have been denied the privilege of knowing what there is to know about astrology. Few of us realize that there are many types of charts, and Edgar Cayce’s life readings were rooted in a different Zodiac system. What struck me about last night, is that the eclipse portal was lined up on the degree of the Zodiac that coincides with the point that Edgar Cayce used to calculate the chart for the Soul, and its purpose. Loosely translated, what matters most about this eclipse is that the heart and soul of every human being on the planet was in perfect alignment with its purpose. As the Earth passed between the Sun and the Moon we were etched with information that linked us directly to our higher selves, and brought that energy into alignment with whatever our lives consist of, on the physical plane. Something is on fire in each of us.

As much as it might be important to note that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun have recently changed signs, what is also worthy of note is that the asteroid Eros, was sitting smack dab on the North Node of the Moon, riding the eclipse axis, in a perfect conjunction with humanity’s “Point of Fulfillment.” Eros is an interesting asteroid. It is directly related to human sexuality, but beyond that, Eros shows up in a pivotal spot every time Mother Earth decides it’s time to start the whole show over again.

“According to the Greeks, Gaia, the deep breasted Earth, was the first to emerge out of chaos. It was She who presided over the darkness until Eros came out of the Void to turn on the Love frequency. Installing the chip that opened her heart, Eros gave Mother Earth the power to birth everything in Creation — and she took it from there” I wrote in the “Astrology of 2012 and Beyond.”

See what I mean? I really could write a book about this, but we’ve got fortune’s to tell and charts to do. I am no authority on anything but what I think is going on right now is that whether we are consciously aware of it or not, a higher kind of light has been turned on inside all of us, and it has filled us with enough love to turn the world around. Give that some thought, as you enjoy this week’s scopes.

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