Mother's celestial inspirations

Your emotions may be exaggerated this week

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Scorpio Moon that will turn Void-of-Course at 1:25 p.m. May 28, and remain in that mode until it enters Sagittarius at around 6:29 p.m. The tail end of our Memorial Day weekend is always a herald of our entrance into the summer season, while, ironically, a simultaneous commemoration of death and destruction. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder why whoever decided where to put the holidays set things up the way they did.

The Scorpio Moon can be interesting. Not exactly warm and fuzzy, or the least bit sunny and playful, it has a tendency to intensify the feeling responses. How this impacted our holiday activities is anyone’s guess. I suspect that with the Moon passing over Jupiter, any emotional intensity that we feel will be exaggerated to the point where we will overreact, or over respond to whatever’s going on. If we were hanging out with our relatives, having a few pops at the annual barbecue, it might have been a good idea to keep an eye on our reactions, and approach our booze intake with a dose of moderation.

These instructions would seem to be supported by a conjunction between Hebe and Nemesis, and a square running from both asteroids, to Mars. This paints a picture that suggests that there is a need to maintain a level of codependency in any situation where people are prone to flying off the handle. Under normal circumstances, as much as it is unhealthy to get too wrapped up in a codependent state, there are times when it is best to refrain from standing up to people who are drunk, angry, potentially violent, and fully capable of losing it; this is one of those times.

With a conjunction between Uranus and Hidalgo operating in tandem with all of the above, it might be best to keep our mouths shut around people who aren’t conscious enough to monitor their reactions. The desire to say something, or think that it even makes sense to speak up when others are going berserk, is pointless. Don’t spoil the party by getting too forthright. Chances are the lowest common denominator will react in ways that could cause all Hell to break loose.

On a deeper level, I see a square between Apollonia and Pluto. Pluto is an evolutionary planet. It governs the slow process that moves the collective consciousness from one level of understanding to another. Apollonia is the goddess of dentistry. She is the archetype that turns everything into something that is akin to “pulling teeth.” In hard aspect to Pluto, this suggests that humanity is at a stage where whatever it takes to evoke our spiritual progress is like getting our teeth pulled. If it’s painful for us to offer ourselves up to this experience, we need to remind ourselves that there is no way around it, and we only make the experience more difficult by resisting, or postponing the inevitable.

This is no time to be unwilling to make the hard choices that can no longer be ignored. This is no time to get stuck on the idea that there is any way around the changes that are staring all of us in the face. Our collective and personal “toothaches” will not go away. It comes down to biting the bullet, and letting it all go, just long enough to let life step in and show us the way. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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