Embrace ECOpreneurship with these green business ideas

By Amy Collett

Opening a business used to involve high startup costs, piles of inventory, and an ecologically unfriendly amount of waste. But if your dream is to become an ECOpreneur, there are options – and they don’t require overconsumption of fossil fuels or living out of a cubicle.

Check out these ECOpreneurship ideas and launch a business that speaks to both you and nature.

Expand your mind

Developing your skills and expertise is a great way to approach your new business venture, regardless of the niche. For an eco-conscious company, here are a few paths that may be of interest.

  • Furthering your education – through online classes – can be a green and growth-inducing step.
  • Explore every aspect of sustainability in business – then develop a plan for your brand’s growth.
  • Recognize the challenges in your eco-niche, including the barriers you may face.

Start a zero-waste company

Though there may be few true zero-waste opportunities in the business world, you can choose a low-waste model for your new company. Consider one of these ideas to infuse your eco-energy into.

  • Think about service-based, online business models to cut down on waste (and add an eco spin to your brand).
  • For offline business, aim for a circular model.
  • Apply your passions to informal teaching, outdoor, and local travel niches where you can spend time in nature.
  • If you’re not set on a particular idea, consider other green startup ideas; nearly any business concept can go green.
  • Formalize your ideas with a green mission statement.

Hone your approach

ECOpreneurship doesn’t mean you need to skimp on serving your customers. There are plenty of ways to remain true to your eco-conscious background while growing a business.

  • Implement smart recycling practices in-store (or at home if you operate an eCommerce business).
  • Look into going carbon neutral to reduce your carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.
  • If you sell products, investigate sustainable packaging and shipping options.

Business ownership may have been on your bucket list for years, but the amount of consumerism and waste likely put you off. Fortunately, your nature-loving self has options these days. Your business endeavor doesn’t have to ruin the environment, and in fact, your ECOpreneur efforts may help save the planet.

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