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DMV makes driver’s license renewals more difficult

Dear Editor,

Warning. The state of Vermont has changed the process of renewing a vehicle driver’s license.

No longer can you go to a real person who can answer questions and help fill out the forms, like at the Courthouse. Now it is to be done by the taxpayer, at home, and on a computer.

If this is a problem, you can go to the DMV office in South Burlington or in Montpelier. No longer can you just go to local places.

You should get a letter from the DMV (motor vehicle department), with a number on it. And it says that your time is almost up, so get on your computer, or use one at a library. This number is to help the big computer at DMV (maybe near Montpelier) recognize who you are. But if you lose this paper with its number, it can still find you, so don’t worry. When ready, type in the symbols given or make up something relevant like “Renew Vermont driver’s license.”

It will ask for your name and address and in the right side you have a choice (my panic didn’t allow me to see this word “choice” since I had lost the pin number.

Clearing this fog, I read it as a choice of social security number (which it says not to use this number for identification) or the pin number or some other things. After entering the SS number and credit number, miracule dictu, (too miraculous to talk about) it was over. It will send me the new license (it’s been three days now).

Any questions, call their toll-free number, and agree to be put in line to be called back. Within two hours that day I got a return call from a DMV person who was very happy and cheerful to answer questions. Where did they find her? With questions about a new system, it would take more patience than Job had. Read about Job’s patience in the Bible.

So, chin up. You too should be able to renew without going to Montpelier.
Peter Grant,

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