Mother's celestial inspirations

The darker aspects of your history

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Moon that will be heading into Scorpio at around 8:23 a.m. (EST). The shift from Libra to Scorpio is palpable. Libra tends to be all sweetness and light, and the Scorpio vibe is dark and intense. If this holds true, it will be underscored on March 6, when Venus and Mercury shift out of Pisces and enter the sign of the Ram. As the two planets intersect the Aries Point, keep an eye on the news. The Aries Point is significant in that transits to it have a tendency to spill over into events that impact all of humanity. It’s only a hunch, but from my perspective, as far as this week goes, there are bound to be surges of energy that upset things on a mass scale, in a public way.

I see other aspects that could manifest on multiple levels, in a million different ways. The asteroids Psyche and Toro are conjunct Jupiter in the later degrees of Scorpio. The Moon will cross paths with all of them in the next few days. If we take Psyche to represent our deepest wounds, and understand Toro to be a heavy hitting, overly adrenal, potentially abusive, and possibly violent influence, this conjunction could translate as psychological battle scars and blasts from the past causing us to reflect a little too intensely on “the blood on the tracks.” If you’re wondering why you seem to be preoccupied with the darker aspects of your history and your past, this conjunction has a lot to do with it.

Adding Jupiter to the mix just might give us a way to put it all into perspective, but that will depend entirely upon how good we are at processing the awful truth. If you’re one of those people who actually wants to see what you don’t want to see, you will have an easier time than those of you who have yet to come out from under the weight of your primary issues. If you are a shrink or a therapist I have a feeling your phone will be ringing off the hook this week.

The Sun and Neptune are conjunct. The asteroid Hebe is part of this conjunction. All of them are in Pisces, which makes Neptune the top dog: Neptune rules Pisces. Loosely translated this is like a pair of rose-colored glasses that give us a way to see what we want to see in situations that are not always as beatific as we would like them to be.

Hebe is the cosmic codependent. Layered in with the Sun-and-Neptune she generates situations in which our hearts and flowers attitude is a form of codependence that makes it easier to live through an experience that isn’t as bright and shiny as we are making it out to be. The textbook interpretation of Hebe conjunct Neptune is “Love means putting up with anything.” Hebe conjunct the Sun implies that our survival depends upon copping that attitude. In real time this aspect is bound to shed a spotlight on codependencies that have been going on over the long term. In short term situations it would manifest as something like having to keep a lid on yourself for a couple of hours while you do lunch at The Ritz with your alcoholic parents.

Pluto is sitting at the midpoint of the asteroids Askalapus and Pandora. In Capricorn, Pluto is all about the need to remain in control of situations no matter what it costs. With the asteroid Atlantis already squaring the rim of this midpoint, the picture becomes one that involves the potential for behind the scenes transgressions and abuses of power. If we take Pandora to be a Pandora’s Box of possibilities, and look at Askalapus as the Cosmic Whistle Blower, it suggests that the truth is ready to come out and when it does the people in charge will get caught with their pants down.

If you wonder why I always seem to focus on the dark stuff it’s because I have a ton of Scorpio in my birth chart. Beyond that it has to do with the fact that I’ve lived long enough to know that our greatest growth comes out of the extent to which we are able to confront and live through what we refer to as the hard stuff. The points in time where everything is sweetness and light are our reward for what it takes to process the most difficult parts of our karma. We get to revel in that radiance for periods of time, but we don’t grow during those intervals, and we don’t get to stay there. It’s in our darkest and most intense experiences that who we really are is brought to light and begins to shine. Give that some thought and take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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