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Cosmic heat is turning up

By Cassandra Tyndall

As I made myself a coffee, I thought about what I might like to tell you about the sky this week. The song, “The Heat Is On” from the “Beverly Hills Cop” movie from the 1980s popped into my mind. It quite aptly describes the energy for the week as Mercury and the Sun move from cool and wet Cancer to hot, dry and fiery Leo — the cosmic heat is getting turned up.

Now in fixed Leo, the Sun and Mercury will ping some of the dramatic celestial action that has been building for some months, if not the past couple of years.

“You can make a break; you can win or lose; that’s the chance you take; when the heat’s on you…”
Entering the week fresh from Mercury joining the far side of the Sun, you might be able to see a situation, perspective or problem with a wider lens than you could before.

“The shadow’s high; on the darker side; Behind closed doors; it’s a wilder ride…”

There sure are more wild rides in the near future that I can write about in this column, but it’s safe to say this week may offer intel or insight about what side of the shadow you need to be on, or what action or move you need to make.

“Caught up in the action, I’ve been looking out for you…”

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