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Who is in control now?

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of Moon that turned full at on April 29. As this column goes to print, the Moon is technically still in its full phase, in the sign of the Scorpion. Ordinarily this would be no big deal. After all, the Moon turns full once a month so there’s no reason to get that excited about it. But there are times when the full moon is more significant than others; when there is an eclipse, when it is blue, or when it falls on one of the major cross-quarters.

This month, the full moon on the Scorpio-Taurus axis falls smack dab on the Beltane Cross-Quarter. It is also known to be the Wesac Moon, the date that has always been associated with the birth of Gautama Buddha. Astrologers are famous for over-interpreting aspects that are less significant than they try to make them, but, putting all of this together, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a super auspicious time.

Yes, we’ve got aspects to consider. Venus moved into Gemini on April 24. These days, it can be seen in the western sky, around 8 p.m., right next to the Orion constellation. Venus in Gemini is pure fun, unless you have too much baggage in your love life – and then it can turn into a bipolar soap opera. Either way, pretty much anything goes when Venus rolls through this sign. Look forward to all possibilities and learn what you can from what happens when the best and the worst of what love has to offer show up to teach us our lessons. After all, nothing is bad, and even the rough stuff is there to remind us that “It’s all Good” when we are self-aware and honest enough to get the lesson.

We are still looking at Saturn’s conjunction with Siva, and at the square between Siva and Uranus. I spoke about these aspects last week. For those of you who missed that installment, both of these configurations signal the downfall of the old paradigm, and the forces and revelations that show up whenever obdurate attitudes and worn out systems undergo radical change. When it comes down to what all of this signifies, I decided to dig a little deeper and take a peek at what the asteroid Apophis is up to.

Apophis is the personification of pure evil. He is the sworn enemy of the Sun God Ra, and of Ma’at, the deity who governs the spirit of Truth and Order. As soon as the Sun sets, Apophis spends the whole night doing everything in his power to destroy light and truth. The myth of Apophis is one of those things that extends beyond its mundane expression. On a deeper level, Apophis is a metaphor for what happens during the dark half of the precession cycle.

The precession cycle is 26,000 years long. During the light half of the cycle we spend 13,000 years bathed in the light that emanates from the Great Central Sun. During the dark half of the cycle we spend 13,000 moving through a region of space that takes us as far away from the light as we can possibly get. During the dark interval the male principle takes over, because we need the strength of the male polarity to make it through the dark time; why? Because Apophis runs the show during this interval. For 13,000 years he does everything in his power to kill off anything that is of the light, and anything that smacks of truth and order.

When we passed the 2012 Winter Solstice, we crossed the boundary that separates the dark half of the precession cycle, and entered what is commonly referred to as the Age of Light. For the next 13,000 years our galaxy will be spinning closer and closer to the light. If Apophis has been in control up until now, guess what? We are at the turning point where he no longer has anything to say about what goes on here. This point in time is also referred to as the tail end of the Kali Yuga. No matter which point of reference we use, what’s happening right now marks the end of things that have kept us living under the weight of lies and misconceptions that have no place in the Age of Light.

If the dark forces are being outed, and the system is toppling, and everything we’ve ever believed in is being turned upside down, it’s because this is the moment in time when we are opening our eyes and our hearts to things that have been deliberately violated and obfuscated by the personification of evil. At the moment, it’s interesting to note that Apophis is forming hard squares to Neptune and Astraea.

Loosely interpreted? Astraea is one of the three Fates. She is the one who cuts things off when it’s time to end them. She is also the one who forces us to bear witness to what we have been subjected to. What happens when Astraea squares Apophis? It feels to me like the jig is up for the personification of evil. According to the myth, when the dark cycle comes to an end, Bastet, the cat god, shows up to chop off the head of Apophis and restore life on this planet to peace and light.

As far as the square to Neptune goes? The forces of darkness are in deep denial about the fact that their term of office is over and done with. At the moment they are doing everything they can with what power they have left to deceive, and deny, and prop up their dark routine. Deception and lies are their strong suit – but they are beating a dead horse. The more they persist in their deceit, the worse things will get, and eventually, as the saying goes, they will wind up getting hung up in their own Ptah.

Watch and see how much truth is revealed in the next week or so – after all, it’s Beltane – and the unification of the male and the female is taking place under the jurisdiction of the forces of Light. There is a new form of power being birthed on this planet – we have not seen anything like it in eons. Between now and the Summer Solstice, keep your heart tuned to the truth, let it guide you through changes that are about to shake you out of your comfort zone and release all of us from things that have made it impossible for us to remember who we really are. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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