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Consider your environmental toll this year

Dear Editor,

As we sprint away from 2020, and towards what we hope will be a happier new year, many of us have environmental resolutions front of mind. Leaders have resolved to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and host a global climate summit early next year. Many individuals are seeking to reduce their environmental footprint via personal changes, too, like our choice of foods. Yet, we must resist “greenwashing” from industries like meat and dairy, which threaten our environmental goals.

A recent study published in Nature Communications found that, no matter how animal-derived ingredients are produced, they still take a dire environmental toll. Scientists found that, regardless of its organic or conventional status, meat’s climate damage costs were around 68 times higher than the costs for plant-based products.

Accept that you cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist and go vegan today. 2021 is the year to end speciesism. It’ll help animals, our planet, and human health. For a free vegan starter kit, visit PETA.org.

Jessica Bellamy, PETA

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