Cocktail Corner: Moscow Mule

By  Tom Joyce

“You get a Moscow Mule….. You get a Moscow Mule…. You get a Moscow Mule!!!”

Yes, the Moscow Mule is known to be one of Oprah’s new favorite cocktails. But I’m sorry it won’t be hidden under your chair, you’ll have to make one yourself — or better yet, get a local bartender to fix you up a nice one in a proper mug!

So apparently back in 1941 in Los Angeles, the Cock and Bull Tavern (not to be confused with the the gay comedy club of the same name) came up with this libation.  Jack Morgan, the owner, was sitting around with some buddies talking about all the fuss the guy with the funny mustache was causing in Europe. When all of a sudden someone said, “Hey this is depressing, let’s get drunk!”

So as a smart owner of a tavern, he took some Smirnoff vodka which no one was drinking, some ginger beer which no one understood and a copper mug which everyone hated and put them together.  And what do you know? “BudaBing BudaBang,” just likes Reece’s peanut butter cups the combination tasted great together!

Don’t wait for Oprah to make you one, follow this recipe:

Moscow Mule. (Build over ice in a highball glass or copper mug if you have one.)

2 oz. vodka

3 oz. ginger beer

1/2  lime squeezed

Yes, it’s really that simple!

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