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Charitable giving encouraged for Thanksgiving

Dear Editor,
Thanksgiving is a time when people think about what they are grateful for. Some people think of this holiday as a time to eat food and cook, but really, it’s a time to sit around the table with your family or friends, and tell what you are thankful for before Aunt Marge or Uncle Bob fall asleep from eating too much turkey.
Being a teenager, I can’t say I’ve done major things to help others, but I have donated food to our school, Barstow Memorial, so that people who can’t afford Thanksgiving dinner for can still have one. I have donated shoes for a shoe drive at Barstow to send to people who didn’t have shoes, and now they do. Sometimes being as lucky as most of us are, we tend to forget about everyone else who may not be as fortunate, but sending one pair of shoes or collecting food for families really does mean a lot to those people. If people continue to help out others, even if it’s just in your community, those people would be very grateful.
My challenge for you this holiday season is to help someone by donating food, clothing and shoes, or buying a toy to donate to a child whose family can’t afford one. It will make a difference in our community. To donate food, contact the Community Cupboard at 65 River St., #1, Rutland, or call (802) 747-6119. To donate clothing, contact Goodwill, on 203 N. Main St., Rutland, or call (802) 772-4383.
As a 14-year-old girl, I am concerned with my future and that of the world around me, and I would like if you could help make my world better by helping those less fortunate than yourself.
Zoey Fariole, Chittenden

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