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Bodily integrity and Prop. 5

Dear Editor,

Proposition 5 is framing abortion as the exercise of reproductive freedoms and rights, but is the absurdity here not giving you pause?

The legislative majority has declared through Prop. 5, that this constitutional amendment is needed because Vermonters’ reproductive rights are at risk. Since when are reproductive rights at risk in Vermont? Fact is they are not. The right to reproduce is not limited and the amendment will not change that fact.

The freedom to reproduce? Is that really the issue? We are asked to agree that, once the freedom to reproduce has been exercised, the elimination of the result is to be enshrined in our constitution. The abolitionists went to great lengths to get us to change our minds about slaves being people, not property. Aren’t human reproductive results people? Don’t human lives, once started, also deserve the protections accorded the rest of us? This initiative to change our constitution is bad law. Let’s vote no.

Curtis Hunter, Bolton

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