Barrows Towne Road

Dear Editor,

We are a small group of people that live on Barrows Towne Road. Even smaller if you only count those of us that live on the stretch between Route 4 and Green Mountain National Golf Course. It is this stretch of road that is increasingly becoming more dangerous due to speeding traffic. Though I can appreciate the passion that one must feel not being at a job and so excited to be on the course that an additional 30-60 seconds before arriving must feel like an eternity, however, there are those of us that moved here for a reason and it wasn’t to wonder if today is the day that my family is in jeopardy of being hit by “traffic” on a road that has a posted 25 mph sign. In addition, I hope that those that have enjoyed their day out on the links and are leaving the course in such a hurry is because they simply cannot contain their excitement of a low score and not due to having consumed an excess alcohol. Honestly, I’d be excited too over a hitting a ball into a gopher hole, but please slow down.

If you are reading this and play golf at Green Mountain National Golf Course please slow down. If you are reading this and work at Green Mountain National Golf Course it is your responsibility to be aware of your customers’ alcohol consumption. Someone is going to get hurt, whether it’s on this road or the next.


Michael Drayton, Killington

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