Amy Lewis of Fusion Fitness hosts all-inclusive fitness retreat

Mountain Times: Cutting right to the chase, I saw via social media that you’re partnering with the Summit Lodge to host an exclusive fitness retreat—do tell more!

Amy Lewis: On the weekend of Oct. 23 participants are going to spend two days together enjoying an all encompassing program that addresses not only physical fitness, but clarity of mind, allowing you to focus on yourself and your goals. We’ll share in fun, motivating workouts, heading to the Fusion Fitness Studio for full-body conditioning sessions, modified for ALL levels. More fitness fun includes stretch and breath work, to outdoor activities (weather permitting), and more. I’ve worked closely with owner Billy Bauer and Chef Stephen Hatch to develop a nutritious and delicious meal plan for this amazing weekend. Our motivational seminars will leave you with a renewed sense of confidence, and allow you to adopt a winning mindset so you can work toward and achieve any goal. There will be evening entertainment and plenty of time to enjoy the gorgeous Summit Lodge, inside and out.

MT: Being an entrepreneur in such a small community can pose some obvious challenges. What essential tools and practices have you found most useful for your growth over the years?

AL: First and foremost, my passion for helping people realize their dreams and goals, developing the confidence they desire and deserve, fuels the work I do each and every day. It is my personal mission to save as many lives as possible through the work we do at the Fusion Fitness studio. With heart disease, cancer, and diabetes on the rise, we must change our lifestyles and live the lives we deserve. Too many folks are dying way too young due to lifestyle habits. It doesn’t have to be this way. Being authentic with folks is key. One of the first things we do with new clients at Fusion Fitness is a body transformation analysis. Through this process we ask key questions and listen closely to folks. Together we find what people truly need and want. From there we create solutions so we can do the hard work of changing habits, mindsets, and building community. Results speak volumes. Not only do clients experience fat loss and lean muscle gains, they experience a renewed sense of confidence and strength. The functional training model we use allows clients to enjoy life to the fullest. They are able to participate in activities they thought they never thought they could, they are able to enjoy time with family and friends and more than keep up. I am inspired every single day by my clients. I am honored and grateful to work with each and every one of them.

MT: I love how you integrate the importance of diet so closely with exercise in your programs. What type of advice would you give to a new client beyond the obvious “ditch the processed foods,” “eat less sugar,” and “eat more whole foods”?

AL: Tracking what we eat is key in changing habits, achieving and maintaining our deal weight. My most successful clients track their meals diligently, every single day. Once we create this habit, it’s not so daunting. MyFitnessPal.com and LoseIt.com are two apps we recommend to make this task super easy. Accountability and support are also imperative for clients’ success, and that is exactly why we make this an integral part of our programming. One-on-one success coaching sessions are included in our full fusion programming as well. Our most successful clients take advantage of all aspects of our program.

MT: And for your go-to Fall recipe(s)?

AL: I’ve put together a collection of delicious fat-burning recipes just for your readers. Visit https://bitly.com/42Recipes to grab your copy of this recipe collection (it’s free!)

MT: How do we get more Fusion Fitness in our lives?

AL: We put out a weekly newsletter with tips, tricks and recipes. Sign up to receive the newsletter by visiting https://bit.ly/ffvtnewsletter, or call 802-422-5444, or email amy@fusionfitnessvt.com. I strongly recommend starting with a body transformation analysis. and I’m offering this as a free gift to your readers.

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