Affordable housing considered in context

Dear editor,

The following is one man’s opinion, mine. The issues that were of most importance discussed last night were: 1) affordable housing, 2) the new firehouse, 3) the pool, 4) hiking and biking trails, and the rest were bringing up the rear. Let’s take the most talked about, affordable housing. Who needs it? Do you know who? Those who work for the Mountain. They need it for a period of six months, that’s it. What happens to that housing after April when the Mountain shuts down? Should we the townspeople care about housing for the Mountain’s employees? Should we have to pay for the construction? I say no. Let the Mountain or SP Land build those part-time employees’ barracks for the ski season.

If there are those who wish to become full-time residents of Vermont, there’s plenty of affordable housing in Rutland. If you check the real estate sections you’ll find plenty of homes available under $200,000. But those who choose to stay full time, how are they going to earn a living? The Mountain doesn’t have employment April through October. So where?

As far as the firehouse, the pool and the hiking and biking trails, they all are valid issues of concern. But do you know what was missing from the meeting? Not one person had a suggestion for a venue or event, similar to the Stage Race or Spartan Race, that would bring a similar volume of people to Killington. Affordable housing? Affordable employment? Ha! a pipe dream.

Richard Kropp, Killington

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