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A way to give the unvaccinated the treatment they want

Dear Editor,

All indications are that, with the new omicron variant, we are in for another surge in Covid hospitalizations. After more than a year and half into the pandemic, our health care workers are exhausted and our hospital facilities stretched.

At the same time, those who do not wish to take the vaccine and prefer alternative treatments are, in many instances, becoming even more entrenched in their beliefs. On Friday, the Valley Regional Hospital, just across the Connecticut River in Claremont, New Hampshire, had a lockdown after staff reported threatening phone calls regarding a man’s Covid-19 treatments.

According to the Valley News, “An online group started a social media campaign giving contact information for providers when the family of a Covid-19 patient called upon the hospital to respond to their demands for alternative treatment.”

One way to both ease the pressure on our health care workers and hospitals and provide an option for vaccine skeptics and those who believe in alternative cures would be to set up a high-quality field hospital for those who are unvaccinated who get Covid-19.

There, they could receive any treatment they wanted. Ideally it would be staffed by medical and support personnel who have refused to get vaccinated. If patients wanted treatments like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, let them have it. Unvaccinated patients could also choose more standard care or a combination of care options. Patient outcomes would be tracked and could provide a useful measure of the efficacy of different treatments.

Covid-19 funds could be used to cover the setup of the field hospital, with patient insurance covering costs of treatment.

Those who have profited mightily from pushing vaccine skepticism and alternative treatments, like Chelsea Green Press, might be willing to help fund such an effort as well.

A high-quality field hospital dedicated to the care of unvaccinated, where they could get the treatment they want, could lessen some of the tension now felt between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, while freeing up our hospital space for traditional care and lessening the burden on health care workers.

It is admittedly a bit of an audacious idea, but it may well fit the unusual times we are in.

John Freitag, South Strafford

4 comments on “A way to give the unvaccinated the treatment they want

  1. The Medical Industrial Complex could never allow that, John.

    The field hospital would be overwhelmed by people looking for early treatment than can be taken at home.

    So far the early treatment recommended by the Corporate Government/Media/Medical Industrial Complex is to go home and if you feel like you’re going to die come to the hospital where we can’t do anything for you because we don’t have enough staff because of the Nazi-like “mandates” that are completely useless at protecting the health workers from catching or spreading the virus, thus what health care workers we have left are at home sick with Covid disease.

    So as far your idea of offering alternative early treatment, I’m all for it.

    As to your segregating Nazi-like thinking that runs through the rest of your article and lies behind your suggestion, you are a dangerous little “useful idiot”.

  2. The bizarre thing about this is, why aren’t we letting people take these early treatments if they want to, and if doctors are willing to prescribe these remarkably safe medications? What’s the big deal?

    Covid has three main phases, and this is well-known. The first phase is viral replication, and that’s when you start getting flu-like symptoms. Children and most young adults go through this phase and it can be very mild, and then it’s over for them. However, it’s well-documented that the older we get the more worn out our immune systems get, and it’s also very well documented that the older we get, the more likely we are to be susceptible to the second stage of Covid. This is when the virus starts to die down and an inflammatory reaction to the virus sets in. This is when people might have a little more trouble with Covid, but as we know, even if untreated, most people get through this. The third phase is when the virus has stopped replicating and patients go into a hyper-inflammatory phase: that’s when one needs to get to the hospital.

    Although ivermectin, for example, is useful during more severe phases of Covid, it’s also useful in the early stages of Covid. Hydroxychloroquine is basically useless when you’re really sick with Covid. So are monoclonal antibodies and remdesivir. What we want to do is stop people getting hospitalized in the first place: early treatment with effective drugs with good science behind that have been used by literally millions of people safely for decades.

    What’s happening instead of early treatment is: let the patient get sick, get hospitalized, and then we’ll try to save them. This is insane.

    What do we have to tamp down the first phase, viral replication? We have monoclonal antibodies but these are in short supply. What else? We have hydroxychloroquine (which is politically poison and no one wants to go near,) we have ivermectin, and we have a number of other promising agents such as fluvoxamine. But, we aren’t using these: ivermectin and other drugs are being actively fought against, and doctors who prescribe these are being threatened. Why? These drugs are extremely cheap and in the doses needed, are extremely safe: they an easily be used in an outpatient setting with minimal monitoring by medical personnel.

    The situation is truly insane. It must stop.

  3. After my initial reaction at the obvious disdain this man has for anyone choosing to pursue a healthy and natural immune system, I realize that Mr. Freitag proposes a potentially useful solution. I’m sure lots of those declining the jab for whatever reason would prefer to stay out of big hospitals anyway, and be treated like human beings by medical professionals who respect their choices. I’d like to propose that the cost for the “high-quality field hospitals” be borne by those who have “profited mightily” from the vaccines themselves, since We the People seem to be running all their field studies for them in real time, without proper protocols or remuneration. Chelsea Green is a publisher and they have solid publishing standards to which they hold fast. Self-sufficiency, gardening, personal well-being, homesteading, organic farming, and many more subjects grace their book lists, and I highly encourage people to check them out.

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