A bloated firehouse

Dear Editor,

The following is in no way to disparage those who put in their effort to select a site, nor negotiate the sale price for the proposed firehouse. The following are facts we the citizens need to consider. An acre of land is 43,560 square feet, times 4 it equals 174,240 square feet. Fifty percent coverage on the site, to and including front, rear and side yard setbacks would give you the ability to erect a 87,120 square-foot building, and it would leave approximately 1.2 acres for  parking. On one acre you can park approximately 242 cars or 24 55-foot trailers. The price for the 4 acres is $550,000. Or $137,500 per acre. Do we need 4 acres? Consider this: if it were a 2.5-acre site, that would accommodate a building of 54,450 square-foot with approximately 1.25 acres for parking. At the current negotiated price that would mean a cost of $343,750, or a saving of $206,250. There is also an add-on of approximately $84,360 which is for engineering investigation and design. We’ve been told that this expenditure will in no way affect our taxes. However, the estimated cost of the proposed structure is between $3.5 and $4 million dollars. That, of course, will not be free. So fellow citizens, be careful of this proposal. Do we need 4 acres? Do we need to absorb the possible total cost of some $5 to $6 million dollars for this project? Come to the meeting Thurs., Aug. 31, ask questions, be a concerned citizen.

Richard Kropp, Killington

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