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25 rats available for adoption

Dear Editor,

The Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) has 25 pet rats up for adoption. Rats make wonderful pets as they are both social and smart. They do well in same gender groups so plan to have at least two. They typically live between 18–36 months.

They are nocturnal so they will be most active at night. They require exercise both inside and outside of their cages. Plan to spend at least an hour a day playing with and handling your rats. They desire human companionship with people and other rats. They also love to cuddle and make good pets for kids. They can recognize their caretakers and get excited when approached so spending time together will be great for both. While they do make some soft noises, they are generally quiet. A Powder-coated metal cage with a solid floor, in a quiet area, is the best housing for them. Make sure they have enough room for eating, sleeping and playing. Pelleted or block type diets are usually fed to pet rats. Small amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and some grains can be given to them as supplements.

One rat with her family was surrendered to RCHS along with another female who was pregnant and delivered her pups in August. As a result, RCHS has 25 rats looking for their forever homes. If you’ve never owned a rat before, please do some research so your expectations will be realistic. They’ve been cared for and handled and are ready for adoption. If you’re interested in learning more or setting up an appointment to meet them, please contact the RCHS Adoption Center at 802-483-6700.

Beth Saradarian,

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