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Weekly Horoscope March 6-12, 2024


March 21 – April 20

Did your parents ever tell you when you were a kid that if so and so jumped off a cliff, would you? This week, you may experience a bit of peer pressure or even some FOMO in terms of what your friends are doing. While it may seem exciting, do you really need this level of chaos in your life right now? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Just think a bit before acting on impulse.


July 21 – August 20

No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. At the end of the day, do you even want to please everyone? Regardless of whether you do or don’t, people are going to have their own thoughts and opinions about you anyway. The question you need to ask yourself this week is, why do you even care? You’re still going to be shining bright in either case. You do you, as they say.


November 21 – December 20

Go with the flow as much as you can on the home front now. Even if you’re tempted to micromanage the situation, you’ll only add to the confusion or uncertainty. You’re better off not having any expectations and be prepared that things are likely shift at a moment’s notice. Also, communication is everything now if you’ve had enough or feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help or get others in your home to lend a hand.


April 21 – May 20

There is a conflict between you want to do versus what you think you should do. Do the old rules still apply? Maybe you need to break the existing rules and rewrite them in a way that fits you better now. If you feel jarred or uncomfortable this week, consider where the friction is coming from. It’s either coming from an external source or your internal resistance to change. Get used to this feeling as it won’t go away anytime soon.


August 21 – September 20

This week, you might choose to let any confusion or uncertainty not spoil your chance to be happy. Sometimes, it’s best to not sweat the small stuff and just enjoy the moment. Just be aware though, the if you do, you might overlook some issues you’d be better off dealing with. Unspoken feelings could harbor future resentments. The question is, do you even care right now in this state of bliss and sweet abandon?


December 21 – January 21

Mercury isn’t retrograde right now, though it will likely feel like it. Rather than trying to get to the bottom of every problem, just understand that some of them aren’t meant to be answered. In other words, expect the unexpected and just go with the flow. When you let plans sort themselves out you give yourself the opportunity to experience things you’d otherwise miss out on. Also, don’t be influenced by desire when it comes to financial decisions.


May 21 – June 20

If anyone can turn the sublime into the ridiculous right now, it’s you! There may be a special kind of magical power in your words this week that can evoke all the right feelings. Be careful though. Just because you’re unleashing your romantic and mystical side, someone may take your sweet nothings a little too personally. Whisper the whimsical words if you wish, but be aware of their potential consequences. Tempt fate and fate may tempt you!


September 21 – October 20

Just because someone is enticing you into their sphere, it doesn’t mean you have to accept. This could be a romantic situation or financial one. If you can do what you’re least inclined to do, you’ll likely come out of it better off, whether that be your dignity or your bank balance. One rule for this week – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Though it may depend on whether you want to or not!


January 21 – February 20

Avoid biting off more than you can chew when it comes to your finances this week. Sure, splash some cash if YOU feel like it. However, don’t do it just because you want to show off or you’re feeling pressure to do so. So much about your current astrology is about showing up for yourself. Change and transformation isn’t going to go anywhere soon. The sooner you master the little choices, the bigger ones will feel easier.


June 21 – July 20

There’s no dream too impractical or unachievable now. It really all depends on if you’re ready to do the work required to achieve it. You might need to go against the grain of a community group, social network or a friend. In order to have everything that’s possible for you now, you need to go against the grain. Don’t be politically correct. That’s not for you right now. Instead, dare to do the thing you’ve only dreamed of.


October 21 – November 20

There’s a difference between love and wanting. This week, you’re going to have to do both in order to maintain a relationship on an even keel. On the one hand, it’s recognizing that deep love is honoring the other person and what they need (which is especially challenging and important if it’s not aligned with your needs in the moment). On the other, adding a dose of spontaneity, passion and desire can spice things up between you if you need to rekindle the spark.


February 21 – March 20

Saturn really has added a level of pressure you’re not always used to experiencing. It’s put a challenge on your go-with-the-flow nature as well as forced you to implement boundaries, which is counterintuitive to the way you operate. This week though, relax the restrictions and allow yourself simply feel into things. Forget your problems for a while. They’ll be there next week. For now, take it easy. You deserve a break. You can get back to rigidity again soon.


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