On June 12, 2024
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Power isn’t a dirty word

There’s a certain kind of power in recalcitrance. It’s not so much about being stubborn. Rather, it’s more about defiant, yet righteous, disobedience. A refusal to co-operate. To not bend nor stretch to others’ ideas and opinions or what they want from you.

And when I say “power,” c’mon, it’s 2024! Surely you’re not equating power “patriarchy,” “colonialism” or what other hashtag has become popular to abdicate responsibility. Do not sell yourself so cheaply. It’s a power within. A certainty. A deep knowing of what one’s inner desires are. Power isn’t a dirty word.

Unless you hold your own place of power within, you’ll be susceptible to external forces of power. You know, those people who have unconsciously subjected themselves to being victims.
Oh no, not this week! This isn’t the week to be a victim to whatever it is you’re salty about. It sure isn’t the time to bend to the will of the popular vote either. In fact, this is the week to find your brute strength and unleash it.

Might there be consequences? You betcha! Though ask yourself what those consequences might be if you don’t. This week, do not flag nor fail. Go to the end. To the nth degree. Never back down. Never give up.

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