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Anthony Russo reclaims painting passion

Anthony Russo


By Victoria Gaither

French Painter Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” It took a lifetime of courage for Painter Anthony Russo to find his brush stroke as a painter and artist.

“I always liked painting, but getting a regular job got in the way, and I had three boys,” said Russo.

He also thought “that I wasn’t good enough and switched majors” in college to have a successful career as a tax accountant later.

Somewhere inside Russo, the math wasn’t adding up, and he ventured into picking up the brush and painting again.

Russo lives on the New Jersey Shore but spends winter in Killington and serves as a Killington Ambassador, also known as the “green coats” on the mountain, who greet guests and answer questions.

“There are a lot of things I get out of the program. I have met all kinds of people. I enjoy meeting people and being out on the mountain. It’s a cool way to give back,” he said.

Two years ago, finishing up his day on the mountain, he saw a beautiful sunset over the ski patrol hut, and as he explained, “The sky lit up, and I was waiting for the last chair and saw this sky. I took a picture.”

On advice from another ambassador, he later painted the scene. “I decided to paint the Killington ski patrol hut,” he said. He sold 50 prints, with all monies donated to the Vermont Adaptative Ski and Sports Program, something he is still proud to speak about today. Russo uses acrylics, oils, and inks as his medium. He finds inspiration in everyday life and on social media.

Russo has seen picture-worthy scenes through social media and will turn them into a painting with permission from the photographer.His work has won competitions, been sold, and been seen on walls, but what’s most important is the ability to create.

“I want to do good things. Art is a reminder when it’s on the wall of something that brings you joy and evokes some feeling,” he said in a recent phone interview.

Art connects him to the mountain, helping charities like Mary by the Sea and Vermont Adaptative Ski and Sports Program. And it feeds his soul.

To learn more about his work and see other pieces, visit his website: the3sart.com.

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