On November 15, 2023

Bad policies leave Americans unsafe 


Dear Editor,

On Nov. 2, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced a bill to amend title 18, U.S. code, to “prevent the bulk sales of ammunition, promote recordkeeping and reporting about ammunition, end ammunition straw purchasing and require a background check before the transfer of ammunition by certain Federal Firearms licensees to non licensees.” This bill, if passed, would apply only to peaceful, law-abiding American citizens. It will not affect the dealings of terrorists, international arms traffickers, and smugglers.

According to Action on Armed Violence (a non-profit organization that analyzes and shares evidence of armed violence against civilians across the world), the Biden Administration left behind 358,530 assault rifles and 64,363 fully automatic rifles in Afghanistan. In an April 2022 report, CNN confirmed that the Biden Administration left $7.12 billion worth of weaponry (including 18 million rounds of ammunition) in the hands of Taliban terrorists. Worse yet, the Pentagon has failed to track the exact numbers of ammunition funded with American taxpayer dollars. The Biden Administration mismanaged U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, raising grave concerns that the armaments left behind would be used to escalate terror and violence globally. The warnings went unheeded and now these weapons are showing up in the hands of Hamas, Pakistani insurgents, and Mexican drug cartels on the U.S. border. Photographs of Hamas terrorists wielding U.S. fully automatic M4 rifles have been widely shared in the news media and social media after the murder of Israeli civilians on Oct. 7.

Corruption and contempt for lawful citizens has ravaged American politics to such an extent that our politicians aren’t pretending anymore. Entrenched ideologues like Warren and Blumenthal have more to gain by promoting Joe Biden’s destabilizing policies abroad than maintaining law and order at home. They have no qualms about supplying military rifles and ammunition to warring factions worldwide, while attempting to deny U.S. citizens from exercising our constitutional right to bear arms. Democrat-run states and cities defunded the police and quit prosecuting criminals, resulting in understaffed and under-trained law enforcement forces and rampant crime waves. Moreover, hordes of undocumented foreign nationals — predominantly young men — have been illegally crossing the nation’s southern border in record numbers. These developments bode ill for those who want to safeguard our families and communities.

Stuart Lindberg,


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