On June 7, 2023

Woodstock Union High School announces its senior’s plans post graduation


Jordan Lee Allard, Merrimack College, Marketing and Communications

Emma Halpin Allegretti, Villanova University, Environmental Studies & Communication

Meghan Jennifer Bailey, Gap Year

Cody Edward Bartlett, Army National Guard

Austin Robert Bloch, Plymouth State University, Business Administration

Christopher Morrill Bradley, Gap Year

Jacob Jonathan Carey, College, Exercise Science

Nicholas William Champine, Carpentry

Jared Lewis Clark, Information Unavailable

William Robert Coates, University of Vermont, Business

Owen Michael Crossmon, Oregon State University, Outdoor Product Design

Maya Cassidy Cully, University of Vermont, Psychology

Stephen James Darling, CDL Certification Program

Ethan Derek Dean, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Mechanical Engineering

Emma Mae Durney, Working towards LNA certification and working at The Village 

Audrey Eve Emery, University of Vermont, Environmental Science

Graham Brendan Farrington, Landscape Construction for ArborScape

Kali Lynn Filiault, Information Unavailable

Skylee Lauralai Gadapee, Savannah College of Art and Design, Film & Television

Joshua Dylan Garcia, Information Unavailable

Aryana Saje Gibson, Information Unavailable

Myeia Michelle Griffin, Vermont State University, Applied Business and Technology Management

Lily Nicole Gubbins, St. Lawrence University, Environmental Studies

Cyrus Winter Harkins, Spring Brook Farm

Norah Elizabeth Harper, Saint Joseph’s University, Biology

Anne Elizabeth Hauze, Swarthmore College, Religion

Nathaniel Leo Hough, Information Unavailable

Daniel Varian Jones III, St. Lawrence University, Business

Isabel Hetty Jacoba Konijnenberg, Williams College, Biology and Economics

Holden Jeremiah Larmie, Flint, Blake and Boles Roofing

Samuel Lewis Leggett, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, English

Luke Hudson Maxham, Trade school for plumbing, working for St. Cyr Plumbing and Heating

Declan Rowan McCullough, University of Vermont, Environmental Science

Daphne Elizabeth McDermott, University of Vermont, Studio Art

Graeme C McKeon, Anna Maria College, Sports Management and Recreation

Zedekiah Theodore Wood McNaughton, Hamilton College, Undeclared

River Jordan Miles, University of Vermont, Biochemistry

Emily Grace Miller, O’Brien’s Aveda Institute, Cosmetology

Shelby Ann Miller, New England College, Illustration

Andries Benjamin Morin, Vermont State University, Electromechanical Engineering

Dillon Estelle Moss, Virginia Commonwealth University, Interior Design/Interior Architecture

Natalie Rae Parent, Florida International University, Education

Ethan Joseph Parker, Information Unavailable

Joss Gregory Perkins, Information Unavailable

Jack Peter Rasmussen, Project Search at Rutland Regional Medical Center

Cooper David Redmond, Rochester Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering

Aidan David Francis Reed, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Corbin Alexander Richardson, Information Unavailable

Morghan Lee Robinson, Work and Animal care

Damon Xavier Rogers, Information Unavailable

Reece Thomas Sheehan, Champlain College, Game Design

Alec Norman Smail, Colorado College, Political Science

Rowan David Smail, Tufts University, Biology

Daniel Paul Smith, Middlebury College, Computer Science

Logan Anthony Sudol, Pennsylvania State University, Architecture

Oliver Fraser Szott, University of Vermont, Computer Science

Kyra Tarleton, Online Criminal Justice, work, travel

Hayden Scott Taylor, Vermont Technical College, Construction Management

Violet Lucy Tuckerman, University of Tampa, Marketing

William Watson Underwood, University of Rhode Island, Business

Ethan Daniel Westney, University of Vermont, Business

Ariana H Winawer-Stein, University of Vermont, Economics

Forrest N Yeager, Ohio University, Philosophy

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