On March 9, 2022

Climate change regulations negatively impact Vermonters

Dear Editor,

Editor’s note: Gregory Thayer is a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. He lives in Rutland.

Have you seen the price of gasoline at your local gas station pumps? I paid $3.69 per gallon two days ago. This is happening all across the Green Mountain state to working Vermonters already struggling with inflation at the marketplace, everyone of us is affected. This is negative and it is eroding our spending dollars. There is more to come under their Climate Initiative (Global Warming Solutions Act). The left does not listen to you.

Solar and wind energy will never be able to power Vermont, let alone all of America. The climate fear mongers do not want you to know that the manufacturing, moving and upkeep of these products are made by and dependent on fossil fuel energy.

The unintended consequences of 100% alternative power by 2035 has some serious issues for people. Just imagine being in one of the cars stranded on I-95 south of Washington, D.C. last month for 23 hours in freezing weather in an electric car. Thousands of jobs will be lost, billions of dollars and tax revenues gone. The cost to working Vermonters will crush their family budgets. It will burn holes in your pockets just paying to put gas in your car and heat your family. There will be no money for food, housing, loans, or any entertainment fun. This is the Progs/Dems plan for you; they want you controlled by government.

As I said at my campaign announcement on Jan. 27 on the steps of the people’s House at the state Capitol, the legislators in the building do not care about you, and the consequences they put on you do not affect them. They do not care! The Progressives (socialists) in this building are pushing policies designed by their special interest bosses in Washington. These people do not care!

To the people who protest for these far left, out of touch environmental policies; including the high school students that they get to rally, please study the entire issue. Read real data, not just the stuff they are showing you. Please educate yourself on real facts. Further, if you want to protest, protest the Paris Climate Accord, it does nothing for the environment. Moreover, the two biggest climate offenders, China and India, have no environmental systems in place and have a waiver for 10 years not to comply with the rules of the Paris Agreement. Why?

Here in America our environment is highly regulated and enforced beyond reproach. Our carbon dioxide levels are within normal basis, that is pretty good with a population of over 334 million people. Vermont shuts down our Vernon nuclear plant, and the CO2 levels double. Do you all understand that CO2 is widely needed for plant life?

The Vermont’s Climate Council is proposing an action plan that will stop growth, stop people from moving into our beautiful state, force people to change their vehicles, their home and business heating systems and ultimately change life in the Green Mountain state.

As your next lieutenant governor, I submit that I will fight for a clean and safe environment. For the cleanest water and air, brooks, rivers and lakes every day. I will do it with the people of Vermont and Vermonters’ input and common-sense. I will do it with less burdensome government regulations and tax structures. I believe 100% that we can have a clean and safe environment with strong economic development for every Vermonter. Look, my family live, work and play here, too.

Gregory Thayer, Rutland

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