On February 10, 2021

Find your genius in the stillness

By Cassandra Tyndall

This week brings an exceptionally rare lineup of planets. Out of the seven visible planets astrologers consult, six of these will be in Aquarius. A similar lineup hasn’t been seen since 1962. This much cosmic focus will highlight a particular area of your own life. If you’re not sure what that might be, consider where your thoughts go now. What are you stressed about? What keeps you up late at night with your mind churning? What do you need to change or reinvent? Were you thinking more than you are feeling?

Overall, February is the month of thoughts, concepts and ideas. As a fixed air sign, letting these ideas marinate for a while before taking action is a must. In the stillness is where you’ll find your own genius. Be sure to take notes as this is the time to review, plan and rethink before launching forward.

The tension or frustration that’s building may see a promising turning point. A New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday will plant a proverbial seed and begin a fresh cycle of cooperation and prosperity. What feels stuck or stagnant now won’t last long. Use the time in between to launch yourself in a direction that feels most authentic to you.

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