On January 13, 2021

Pardon Trump, then ignore him

Dear Editor,

If President Biden is interested in uniting our nation, the best thing he can do is to pardon President Trump in the first week of his presidency.  Both parties and the press would realize that our new president will focus on far more important issues.

As Oscar Wilde noted, “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” President Trump relishes the spotlight and personal attention above all. Impeachment or other legal proceedings aiming to finally “get” Trump will once again give him a bully pulpit and the attention that he so craves.

By all accounts, President Trump is now in a dark place of his own construction.

Why take him out of it, energize him with the opportunity to once again rally his base, and subject the nation to more of the echo chamber solicitations of rage that pass for journalism on social media today in both parties?

The media circus that has blared nonstop for the last four years has exhausted our country. Another impeachment will not change the minds of either tribe.

There are so many critical issues that must be considered, debated, and resolved.

A president must be able to rise above the clamor and do what is right for all citizens.  Pardon President Trump, and get on with what should be the primary concern of all politicians today: uniting our terribly divided nation.

Dan Pipes


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