On August 19, 2020

Killington’s illegal beaver dam removal last month

Before the beaver dam was removed

Dear Editor,

The River Road and Route 4 Killington river/wetlands is essential to Killington’s economy, used daily by kayakers and anglers. The town of Killington refuses to follow DEC guidelines and to install baffles. They just removed the dams, causing the beavers to cut down more trees and brush to rebuild the dam. Thus, causing bank erosion, poor water quality, poor fish habitat and destruction to private property.

We believe that town residents, anglers, landowners, local business’s, Killington town officials and state agency can work together to identify solutions to the problem with the goal of appropriately managing the nuisance beavers and associated hazards while maintaining wetland values, minimizing negative environmental impacts, and reducing personal liability for damages.

Just last month, once again the town of Killington refuses to follow DEC guidelines, removing a beaver dam in few hours releasing 1,000s of gallons of water. Dropping the river level four feet or more. Multiple children/families use this river and weren’t informed of the release. The beaver feces is concentrated behind the dam. This dam has been here for over five years and didn’t causing any flooding issues, etc. The game warden was not informed of the dam removal, another violation.

Now the river is too low to fish and kayak until the next dam.

Over 10 years I’ve witnessed this destruction and waste of taxpayers’ money too many times to recall.

If the DEC refuses to help or enforce guidelines, locals will be forced to take Killington to court.

John Keough,  Killington

Owner of Appalachian Trail Adventures, Inc.

After the beaver dam was removed

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