On June 10, 2020

Seniors cause traffic jam

Dear Editor,

A part-time, volunteer traffic director has been engaged to help get cars into the the Lookout parking lot in Killington. They are lining up with great expectation to pick up the take-out lunch that Joy Black has been preparing for the Killington Active Seniors ever since the coronavirus turned our lives upside down.

Not only has the food sustained them but the social contact has allowed the Killington Seniors to enjoy each others company, exchange books, show off their pets and just say hello. It is like a big party in the parking lot and we will be forever grateful that the Lookout has provided us this opportunity.

We cannot say enough good things about Phil and Joy Black. First and most important, they are our friends and their family and staff are dear to all of us. It doesn’t matter what is going on in town or how busy they are, the seniors are always welcomed with the graciousness and love that Joy so easily gives.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and when we think back on this period of time in our lives, the seniors in town will always remember the Lookout and what Joy did for us.

Gerrie Russell,

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