On February 5, 2020

Understanding sexual abuse in the charts

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Gemini Moon. I’ve spent the last few days wondering how to spin this introduction. Should I talk about the Coronavirus? Could we take a look at Brexit? Or could we discuss what’s going on with the impeachment proceedings here in the states?

It would be hard for me to break any of those topics down without getting myself into trouble – because all of them are connected and my point of view on these things is a little too far out of the box. Because my kids are fond of saying: “Watch out: here comes Mom with her unpopular opinions,” I decided it might be more interesting and instructive to stick to what I know and talk a little bit about what I’ve culled from one of the readings that I did this week.

In this particular case the woman came to me wanting to get some clarity on sexual abuse in her early childhood. She told me she was having dreams. She also told me she was seeing a therapist, but blacking out whenever the conversation got to a certain point. Her decision to get her charts read had to do with thinking that maybe I might see something that would shed light on her experience.

When I did up her charts there were so many indications of early childhood sexual abuse I was blown away. Usually, it takes some digging to uncover this kind of thing, but not this time. Even if she had not given me a head’s up, the story was obvious. For starters, she had Scorpio rising, Pluto in Scorpio, heavily aspected and conjunct the ascendant, and a stellium of planets on her first house, Scorpio south node. Whenever you see a lot of Scorpio points with difficult aspects, the Scorpio archetype is usually expressing its downside. This means that the life force, which in its highest expression manifests as the eagle or the phoenix, will manifest self-destructively, as the snake, or the serpent, or the scorpion.

With this information to support the prospect of sexual abuse, I began to dig a little deeper to see if there was more information to go by. This task made it possible to pull in some details. The woman had a difficultly aspected Virgo Moon. Normally we think of Virgo as the virgin or the nun. On the surface it is not a sexual sign. But ultimately the Virgo archetype, is the high priestess. Back in ancient times, the high priestesses were sexual beings. In addition to superintending the business of keeping the temple in order, it was their job to restore the soldiers with sexual healing and sexual energy when they came back from the wars. Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of the Virgo archetype. Tracing the way the woman’s Virgo moon was deposited, took me straight to her Scorpio south node.

The south node is many things. More than anything it is the past life inlet or the indicator of the body of experience that the soul is bringing in from the previous lives. It is also directly related to the moon.

When I saw this, I said to myself: “this woman was a high priestess in another time.” That being the case, it stood to reason that there had been a lot of sexual exposure. Because the aspects to these points were not easy, I surmised that something dark (and Scorpionic) had tainted her experience as a priestess.

When she and I got to talking, she mentioned her dreams and told me that she had recurring dreams of being sexually attacked by a number of men. In these days we would call it gang rape. In ancient times? For a priestess or a vestal virgin? Who knows? It might have been something else. Having already looked further, and connected those dots, knowing that Saturn, the archetypal father was in Scorpio, sitting smack dab on her Scorpio south node, I said that her dad was probably one of her abusers.

She told me that she was her dad’s favorite, and had no conscious memory of him abusing her. I immediately thought “Well, I can see why you might have been your dad’s favorite,” but I kept it to myself. When you get into these conversations it does no good to press your point, especially with a woman who faints every time her therapist starts talking about sexual abuse.

People who have been abused need to get big enough inside to handle the truth, and this woman was a young one, in the early stages of coming to terms with her past.

One of the things that made me pretty sure that her dad was part of the story, is because the father point in her natal chart sits at the midpoint of the asteroids Eros and the trans-neptunian point, Borasisi. Midpoint pictures are the holy ghost in aspect interpretation. Eros is the erotic component – it is sex. Borasisi? It is the worst form of deceit or a conscious collection of lies told to oneself in order to make one happy or to preserve an illusion. These illusions are purposely adhered to, even though they are understood to be false.

With the father point smack between these two bodies, what we get is the picture of denial around what the father actually did. The presence of the asteroids Salacia (Salaciousness) and Astraea (no closure on what one has had to bear witness to) forming what is known in astrology as a Paran around the father point, makes it clearer.

Were there others involved in her abuse? Aspects that include a male sibling, and a cousin, or an uncle are part of this story.

We could go deeper into it, but, maybe some other time; I only have so much page space.

What I will touch upon is that this woman’s mother knew what was going on and did nothing about it.

How do I know?

The moon squares the asteroid Hidalgo in the woman’s natal chart. The textbook interpretation of this is; “The mother does not or cannot, stand up for the child.”

There is also a hard square from Persephone to the Moon in the birth chart; what does this mean? A Persephone/Moon square is the hallmark of, “The motherless child,” or, of the mother who, for some reason, could not be there for her child.

Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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