On January 8, 2020

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Gemini Moon that will be void-of-course from 7:08 a.m. until 9:11 p.m., when it enters Cancer on Monday, Jan. 6.This is what we could call an auspicious moment in time. Not only does the Epiphany fall on Jan. 6, also happens to be the day that the much talked about Saturn and Pluto conjunction reaches exactitude.

Everyone I know has been asking me what it means.  What prompted me to finally open my mouth came on the day when I noticed that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction coincided with the Feast of the Epiphany. This synchronicity really got me thinking, and inspired me to look at what all of it might mean from a broader perspective.

Saturn and Pluto have different rates of motion. Pluto’s orbit is approximately 10 times longer than Saturn’s. Pluto takes about 250 years to complete its trip through the 12 signs. Saturn takes about 27 years to do the same thing. They dance around each other and intersect at the same sign and degree of the zodiac every 35 years or so, give or take a year or two.

At the end of the day, their orbital relationship could be seen as a harmonic; the two planets echo each other – they broadcast the same frequency, with Pluto’s signal vibrating on a higher octave than Saturn’s.

Looking at this from the standpoint of what each archetype embodies, we can say that Saturn is the warden and the time keeper here on the earthly plane. He governs birth, death, and everything that happens in between. Saturn keeps an eye on whether or not we are meeting our tests and holding up our karmic agreements in our current incarnation. He keeps us in line with the earthly lessons that our souls agreed to take on about a year before we were conceived, and functions to help us remain on the path that brings us closer to the Source.

Pluto’s lessons cut a wider, deeper, multi-generational, and even a multi-dimensional swath. They trace back to every previous incarnation. Pluto shines a light on where the soul has been, and on the direction it needs to follow in the current incarnation in order to remain aligned with the light, and in tune with its own divinity. If Saturn keeps us on time with the contracts of life on the three-dimensional plane, Pluto preserves the thread that remembers who we really are and where we really come from.

So what happens when these two planets conjoin each other?  At these junctures, adjustments are made. If individually and collectively we have lost our way, or are lagging behind, the two planets intervene to bring us up to speed, get us back on track, and remind us not to be distracted by the foibles and pitfalls of the Third Dimension. This spiral we are on is spinning all of us back to the source, one way or another: back to Unity and oneness – back to God. Every Saturn-Pluto conjunction gives us the opportunity to uplift ourselves and hop on that bandwagon – or not.

So what’s up with this current Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn? Capricorn is about power, and its uses and abuses.

Saturn happens to rule Capricorn. He is right at home in this sign. But Pluto always has more clout, and he is here now, to see if Saturn has been abusing his power or if he is exercising his authority wisely. What is at issue under these circumstances is whether or not the earthly powers that be are operating in a way that serves not just the greater good of humanity, but the evolution of consciousness.

I find it interesting that the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction reaches exactitude on the Feast of the Epiphany. The Epiphany has been pared down to the notion that it is the day that the Three Wise Men arrived to bestow their gifts on the Christ Child.  Its truer meaning runs much deeper than that.

The story goes that having seen signs and portents in the stars well in advance of the Nativity, these exalted beings came from the far East to confirm the identity of the Messiah. Other sources tell us that the Three Kings were actually Druids, enlightened adepts from the island of Hibernia who, having seen the same signs and portents travelled to Bethlehem from the West to verify the same thing.

Regardless of how much of what actually took place has been erased from the record, the Feast of the Epiphany, and the story of the Three Wise Men is less about gold, frankincense and myrrh than it is about the Trinity. The Law of Three is fundamental here in the Tthird dimension. In the weeks to come it will help us to keep in mind that the one begets the two, the two begets the three, and the three begets the 10,000 things.

Now that Saturn and Pluto are here to press the reset button and turbo-charge those possibilities, the space is open for all of us to embrace a whole new order. The old guard is no longer relevant. The darkness has blown its wad. A new and finer vision has already been installed in the collective mind. Whether we are aware of it or not the fuse has been lit, and the next few months will ignite the spark of truth that will wipe every trace of sleep from our eyes. Let me leave you with that, wish you a happy wake-up call, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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