On May 15, 2019

The key to understanding our past

By Cal Garrison (a.k.a Mother of the Skye)

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo moon. I was born with the sun in Virgo. The commonly held belief is that our sun sign has more to do with our purpose here on Earth than any other body in the birth chart. That is only true up to a point. What I have learned over time is that the solar archetype is significant in that it determines the type of solar energy that each individual uses to move the soul away from the previous life patterns, toward experiences that will bring us closer to the source and closer to our purpose for incarnating this time around.

Contrary to popular opinion, none of us became incarnated to grow up, go to school, get a job, fall in love, mate, breed, drive around in a car, watch TV and go to the bank. Those things are aspects of the third dimension, but over and above all of that, each one of us is born with a purpose for living that needs to be accessed and actualized between the day we are born and the day we die. That purpose is unique from person to person, and so are the lessons that go along with it.

If the sun sign governs the brand of octane that empowers the fuel that gets us from A to B, it is the moon sign that rules the cellular memory and tells the story of our past life karma. As it spins around from day to day, from month to month, and from year to year, the moon’s orbit is like a needle and thread that goes in and out and up and down, through the earth’s orbital plane. Its movements follow a pattern that, over time, stitch the past and the future together, and guide the soul away from the past, toward a deeper understanding of its purpose in this life. The window to the past life story is indicated by the south node of the moon. The window to the point of fulfillment in the current incarnation is referred to as the moon’s north node.

What follows is excerpted from the fourth chapter of my book, “The Lunar Gospel.” I am including it in this week’s intro to give you a deeper sense of what the moon and astrology are all about:

“The point at the south node represents the energy that we are bringing in from every previous incarnation. The point on the north node is similar to the ascendant in a way; it is the point of fulfillment. It represents the archetype that we want to move toward in order to cultivate the gifts that we came here to develop in this life.

“As far as that goes, the north node is always an unknown entity. We don’t enter this life with a clear understanding of what we are supposed to be doing. On the other hand, the South Node feels totally comfortable and familiar because we’ve already been there. When we’re born into this reality the memories of who we were, are all that we have to go by for the first half of our lives. We act through those patterns again and again, without realizing that we are repeating ourselves.

“Keeping in mind that we live in a wave-form universe where everything moves, and everything changes, the minute we’re born, the natal chart begins to receive transits, and progressions that are timed to hit the Nodal Axis and trigger a set of experiences that are uniquely our own. These cosmic impulses generate the changes that are needed to help us begin to see that the old story isn’t necessarily what we need to be doing anymore.

“In essence, what happens over time, is that the old patterns and the stuff that we’re comfortable with, reveals itself to be totally counterproductive. We begin to wake up and see that we don’t get any mileage out of those behaviors. Whatever we keep repeating fails to produce any sense of fulfillment and creates nothing but negative results.

“Since time and experience are the only teachers here, with the Nodes, the accumulation of experience is what teaches us. The lunar nodes have a 19-year cycle. It is worthy of note that there are 19 circles in the flower of life, otherwise known as the creation pattern. The way the lunar nodes are connected to the moon, and the way the moon holds everything that’s going on with us in a big web, the nodal cycle would appear to be, for each individual, the means by which we find ourselves and our place in the web of creation. Every 19 years we reach a point of completion where we get to see exactly how the past life stuff is supposed to fit in to this life and its stuff.

“ The first 19 years of our lives gives us a chance to see the pattern unfold one time. If we remember what we said about time and repetition, we know that one cycle of experience would not be enough for any of us to have a clear perspective on our purpose for living. Adding 19 to 19, gives us 38. What I have noticed is that no one really understands what they’re supposed to be doing with their life until they’re about 38. It’s as if we have to go through two nodal cycles in order to figure out that we’re getting absolutely no mileage out of the old stuff. At 38, the past life patterns start to decompose, and we begin to say, ‘Maybe I should start moving in a whole new direction, instead of constantly falling back into the same old pattern.’ Something in us begins to see that if we don’t change our tune we’re going to bring ourselves down and we’re not going to grow.

“It’s important to understand that every point in the horoscope is cooperating with every other point, and all of them are working synergistically to move the soul on its path. Between the ages of  35 and 45, a slew of big change oriented transits converge on all of us, and for better or worse, each one of them kicks in to prod us by hook or by crook into experiences that move us in the right direction…

“If certain things are fated and can be predicted in a transit or a progression, in those moments when the aspects are destined to converge, it is the free-will of the individual that makes or breaks things. At those interchanges if we manage to stay true to ourselves, the path to fulfillment opens and we find our way safely through whatever the Karmic lessons involve. If we fall back on the patterns of the past, the consequences of that choice create another set of lessons and tests, all of which are uniquely tapered to get us back on track…”

I hope all of the above is of interest to you. Of late I have been experiencing some big transits to my north node. Being over 70 years of age, these movements are teaching me a lot about how important it is to stay true to our purpose. If we don’t get lost in the gauntlet of distractions that fills the business of ordinary life, we get closer to our purpose for living as we age.

Now I invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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