On May 1, 2019

Location is everything

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Pisces Moon, on the eve of the Beltane Cross Quarter. We could talk about all of that, but this week, I am more interested in talking about astrocartography. For those of you who don’t know about it, astrocartography is a method that allows an astrologer to see exactly where on the planet an individual will stand the best chance of attracting supportive influences into their life.

My daughter Joanna is the one who suggested that I write a little something about this. Why? Because she had been recently blown away by something that one of my clients had to say about an astrocartography analysis that I had done for them a few years back. Joanna was also planning two trips: one to the UK, and another one to Florida. To be on the safe side she wanted me to check the astrocartography lines for her and her boyfriend in both locations. After I told her that their lines in each spot were absolutely beautiful she pointed out to me that it would be hugely beneficial for more people to know about how astrocartography works. It is these conversations with Joanna that have prompted me to write the following.

We have all heard the cliché “Location is everything.” Trust me, that expression isn’t limited to the real estate industry. From an astrological perspective, astrocartography is a technique that astrologers use to delineate specific geographical locations that will open the space for an individual to attract just the right circumstances and create the best possible life for themselves.

Rooted in the “As Above, So Below” axiom, and in the “The Law of Resonance,” or the idea that we live in a wave-form universe and that everything in this reality is based on frequency, doing an astrocartography analysis requires the astrologer to drape the horoscope over the globe and notice where the orbital patterns of the planets etch themselves onto the surface of the Earth. The lines that are formed by the planets incise themselves into specific geographical locations and create frequency bands that vibrate according to the vibration of the planet.

Some of these lines are beneficial and some of them are not. Saturn and Pluto lines resonate on bandwidths that match their archetypes. If Saturn is the Grim Reaper, and Pluto is the Lord of Hell, it stands to reason that one would not be able to attract joy and prosperity if they chose to settle down and live their life on either one of those lines.

When it comes to the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune, these lines can go either way, depending on their intersection with, or proximity to, other planetary lines. By themselves they enable an individual to attract experiences that match their signature, or mode of expression. Paired with Saturn and Pluto lines they can become problematic, creating vibrations that could easily interfere with a clear sense of peace and harmony.

Anytime I am asked to do astrocartography, I like to keep it simple. My first glance always goes to the Sun lines, the Venus lines, and the Jupiter lines. It is in these areas that an individual can attract pretty much anything they want. The Sun lines attract health, joy, and success. Venus lines attract love, ease, abundance, and cooperation.

Jupiter lines are basically like moving next door to Santa Claus; they attract nothing but benefit, and an expanded ability to experience joy, success, and abundance.

People often say, “This is all well and good, but how do these planetary frequencies manage to permeate an individual’s’ life?” The human body is 70-75% water. Water is a super conductor. When we are living within 500 miles of a specific planetary line the water in our cells absorbs that energy and starts vibrating at that frequency. Depending on the planets’ signature our auric field begins to match it, and we soon start attracting experiences that resonate at that frequency.

This is not to say that moving to a Sun, a Venus, or a Jupiter line will automatically make our issues disappear. The saying, “Wherever we go, there we are” holds true 100 percent of the time. I have had people call me a month or two after they relocated to their Venus line to ask me why things weren’t panning out according to my prediction. My answer to this type of question is always the same:  “Give it time. The fact that you decided to move doesn’t exempt you from the Laws of Karma or absolve you from the need to work on yourself. If you’ve spent 30, 40, or 50 years toting a truckload of baggage around, it is unrealistic to expect those problems to vanish overnight.” What happens when we relocate to a beneficial frequency band is that with no interference, our “stuff” gets easier to process. Over time those issues smooth out to a point somewhere on down the line, where we wake up and notice that we are no longer stuck in the same old rut.

I do this type of work for people all the time. Whenever I am hired to do a horoscope it is always part of the deal. It fascinates me to be able to look at what goes on in people’s lives and to see that most of their problems could be solved if they knew enough to move from one location to another.

As was the case with my daughter, astrocartography is also useful for people who are planning the “Once in a lifetime dream vacation.” Everyone thinks they want to go to Paris, or Rome, or Hawaii, or any number of idyllic destinations – but if those dream spots sit on a Saturn or Pluto line, forget it – your Magical Mystery Tour will not live up to your expectations and could even turn into a nightmare.

From the standpoint of where an individual decides to live, and make their home on a permanent basis, it is always wise to check the astrocartography lines before you buy a house or choose to settle down.

Why? Because we are frequency based beings who live in a space-time continuum and on this planet, location is everything.

I hope all of the above is enlightening to you.

Best wishes for a Happy May Day! Spark up your Beltane fire, and take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes!

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