On December 26, 2018

It’s time to wait and see

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon that turned void of course for a couple of hours until it entered Leo at around noon on Christmas Eve. With the winds of change bearing down on us like gangbusters, the usual holiday platitudes seem out of place this year. Still, as much as all of us are in the throes of changes, the likes of which we have never seen before, there has to be something eternal and unchanging that we can use to tie ourselves to the mast and call upon to steer us through the uncertainty that fills the air this Christmas.

Thinking about what to say and how to word things, after much thought, I have come to realize that any one of us could look into our hearts and come up with an answer or two. I am pretty sure that the truth about everything is known to all of us, and that what we assume is written in the stars is actually written in our hearts. The only reason we look outside of ourselves for answers is because we have been totally distracted and confused by things that have tricked us into believing that truth and light can only be found “out there.”

Without relying too heavily on the current aspect list, I have decided to focus on the fact that we are living through the last gasps of the Lucifer Rebellion. If you have no reference point for this, check out the biblical version of the tale, or read The Urantia Book. In a nutshell, the Lucifer Rebellion is another name for the epic battle between the Darkness and the Light. At the tail end of the Grand Cycle the two polarities always wind up duking it out to see who’s in charge. The forces of Light are always victorious, but until the last gun is fired, the Darkness always appears to have the upper hand because it is intrinsically diabolical, ruthless in its approach, and doesn’t know how to do anything but fight.

Back in 2010, I got asked to write a book about the 2012 phenomenon. In the “Astrology of 2012 and Beyond” my editors wanted me to come up with an explanation for the myths surrounding the idea that the world would end on the 2012 Winter Solstice. They wanted me to put forth my take on the subject, because it was written in many of the ancient texts that this ending would actually be a new beginning that would mark humanities’ entrance into The Age of Light.

In the course of writing that book, I came to realize that if the world was going to end, there were a number of dates upon which that possibility could become real. In and around that concept, many of those dates hinged upon major transits to what is known as The Aries Point.

Examining this in more detail, I speculated that because The Aries Point governs all of humanity it might follow that planetary conjunctions to that point would serve as a wake-up call to the sleeping masses that would stir all of us to open eyes and see the light. Since 2012, a number of big transits to the Aries Point have greased that wheel with enough truth and light to open the possibility that yes, indeed, after 13,000 years in the dark, the heart of humanity is ready to embrace the idea that nothing out there is going to save us – that in truth, it is something in us that will rise up from the depths and turn us on to the fact that “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I feel safe enough to say this, because after a number of planets have laid the groundwork for major changes and turnarounds in human consciousness, it is currently Chiron, the cosmic maverick’s turn, to move back and forth over The Aries Point. He has been retrograding and moving direct in that section of the sky since June 2018, and will sweep over it for the last time during the Spring Equinox of 2019.

Chiron is the archetype that holds sway over anything that relates to taking the road less travelled. He is also directly related to indigenous wisdom, indigenous practices, and alternative approaches to healing. When he is active in transit he brings up ancient truths and a depth of understanding about who we really are in the universe.

In the midst of a huge amount of artificially engineered doubletalk and confusion, if I am not mistaken, the next few weeks will clear the air, and the decks, for a huge turnaround. As a critical mass of people awaken to the truth, the need to be prepared for anything is what it comes down to. Chiron transforms our deepest wounds on levels of consciousness that allow us to cut past our blind spots and be instantly transformed by facts that up until that moment, we were unwilling or unable to see.

Between now and Jan. 6, more than one epiphany will pave the way for this. Get ready for years of darkness to make room for what happens when all of us awaken to the pure light of truth. There is more that I could say, but let’s leave it at that – because Chiron, the enlightened maverick, is at the wheel, it’s wait and see time, and this will have to do for now. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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