On November 28, 2018

The times are changing

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon, in the aftermath of the annual Thanksgiving rituals, and the late-November, Black Friday, ‘Greed-athon’. As we blindly go through the motions that are automatically fed by the traditional patterns that seem to keep everything in their place, the story in the outer reality is going way over the top.

If the short term lunar aspects to Pluto and Saturn aren’t enough to make us feel like the sky is falling, here is a short list of aspects that are holding sway over the chart for this week:

Lucifer moving direct, over the Aries Point, under heavy duty aspects to a pile of other planets and asteroids.
I don’t have a template for this, but, it feels to me like the forces of darkness are coming out with both guns blazing at a time when their backs are against the wall. It makes no difference to them who gets caught in the crossfire because they have no regard for human life, and they don’t know how to do anything but fight. At the mercy of their lust for power and control, many innocent people will get hurt.

Sphinx sextiling Atlantis
Sphinx relates to hidden mysteries and unanswered questions, along with the secrets of the past. Atlantis is about redemption, ethics, inside scoops, special knowledge, and quite literally, the individual and collective dues that remain from the Atlantean cataclysm. Sextiling each other, the indication is that something good is about to come out of our efforts to finally resolve, and get to the bottom of that which remains hidden. The suggestion is that all of the secrets and lies are about to be exposed, and the truth is about to come to light.

The Sun in Sagittarius, conjunct Atlantis
Ethics, integrity, and truth become all important under this influence. Anything that is sub-par, untrue, unethical, or out of integrity will be flattened by the fact that Sagittarius has no tolerance for lies.

Arachne conjunct Neptune
When Arachne conjuncts Neptune the potential to drown in a sea of deceit, and complication is huge. Lies, delusion, and tangled webs that have slipped the wool over our eyes since the time before time turn up the volume on our denial mechanisms and make it hard to see the truth, let alone allow it to be told. We see what we want to see because we have been hoodwinked into believing what those who would seek to deceive us want us to believe.

Child opposition Lucifer
This relates directly to things that are nearly impossible to discuss. Satanic ritual abuse is one of them, particularly as it relates to children.

Child square Toro

Psyche square Astraea
When Psyche squares Astraea, we are coming up against all of our darkest issues, personally and collectively. It sets up situations that require us to finally come to terms with the remnants and the unresolved issues of our past. It has a lot to do with why so many of us are on the ropes, wondering why we’re flipping out inside, at a time when outer circumstances keep forcing us to stick with the program, put on a happy face, and deal with the daily routine. The square aspect indicates that we are having trouble looking at, or reconciling our most deeply buried trauma.

Hybris square Pluto
Hybris is where the buck stops. It is where all of our chickens come home to roost. It is the asatomical limit, or the ‘ring pass not’ beyond which nothing can pass. It could even be the Eye of the Needle. When Pluto aspects this asteroid, the Karmic patterns of the collective are at a tipping point. This would be where we either wake up or we don’t.

Lucifer square Niobe
This could be where the Devil meets his due, or where he finally gets brought down to size.

Lucifer square Hades
This is what happens at the tail end of the Kali Yuga, or the point where the forces of darkness go over the top and get hung up in their own Pta

Hades conjunct Niobe

The point where the roots of human pride meet humiliation and give rise to all of the things that come before a fall.

Between now and Dec. 5, and extending past that date to Dec. 21, for better or worse, we will bear witness to a huge amount of change. I know a little about the stars, but I am in no position to know for sure how any of this will pan out. My sense is that it’s time to hold on to our hats because we are in the thick of it.

Personally? How do I deal with it? Relative to the darkness that is permeating the ether right now, and heavily accentuated at this time of year I always call upon the power of faith that lives inside my heart space. This force has gotten me through all of my trials, and I have no doubt that it will hold me steady as we enter the valley of the shadow of death that is in front of us now.

The words that follow come from something I wrote a long time ago:

“Faith has to do with trusting that even the bad stuff is good and that someday we will know what purpose it served; when we look back on our troubles from a distance we see how much they contributed to our growth and understanding. I have finally realized that the rough stuff is a greater gift than the stuff that’s a piece of cake. And the nice thing about this time of year is that we collectively acknowledge that, “it’s all good”.

From a cosmic perspective we are still in the heart of darkness while the sun’s in Sagittarius. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel and the belief that it’s really there is reinforced by the fact every year since the dawn of time the sun comes back on the Winter Solstice. It always has and it always will.

The heart of God within you is the place where faith resides. Use this month to find your way there. The new visions that will come alive in a few weeks need a space that’s big enough to hold them. So, open up. Let all the joy and love you feel go out into the world and remember to “keep the faith.”

Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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