On August 29, 2018

About time

By Cal Garrison a.k.a Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Pisces Moon, on the day that Mars turns Direct at 28 degrees of Capricorn. I know a ton of people whose birthdays fall on Aug. 27, one of them being my middle daughter, Julia. On this day I always think of what happened on the day she was born.

I was already in transition when we got in the car to drive to the hospital. The doctor arrived in the nick of time and literally caught Julia like a football when she popped out. Dressed in a blonde wig and a pink, polyester jumpsuit, Dr. Binnenfeld was a flamboyant, gay male, who came directly from a party to deliver my second child.

I was looking at the clock when she took her first breath – it was 11:14 p.m. Time and experience are the only teachers on this planet, and even though I was a working astrologer back in those days, it has taken me 44 years to fully understand the significance of the birth time, and its relationship to the soul’s purpose.

We live in a space-time continuum. This continuum is subject to 48 laws that are axiomatic in this dimension. One of them is the Law of Time. The moment of birth is where the Past, Present, and Future merge. For any soul the exact moment that we take our first breath determines the timing for every experience and event that occurs in our lives from that point on. It also determines what is known as our “Rising Sign.”

When I look at a birth chart, I know that I am looking at a record of the contracts that were signed, between the native, and their higher-self, and the Creator, a year before they were conceived. The Moon tells me all about the soul’s past. It shows me what the individual has brought with them in terms of experience from all of their previous lives.

The Sun tells me what type of fuel, or solar energy that a person is burning to get through this life. The sign that the Sun is in shows me where they draw their strength from, and how they will use it to evolve beyond the constructs of the previous incarnations toward whatever the current life purpose happens to be.

From an astronomical perspective, the Rising Sign is the sign that is rising over the eastern horizon at the moment that we take our first breath. That sign is invisible during the labor process. Because we have not seen it yet, it represents what we have yet to learn, and see, and know about ourselves. When we breathe air for the first time, we are infused with the life force that governs life and death here in 3-D. At that very same moment, the sign and degree that are coming up in the eastern sky appear on the horizon, and thus, govern our future, and the nature of our purpose in the current incarnation.

From that moment on, everything that happens to us is timed relative to that hour, minute, and second. The idea that all of our experiences are timed to occur at specific points is hard to believe. What I have learned from direct experience in the last 50 years as a working astrologer, is that the contracts that we sign the year before we are conceived are written in stone – and the passage from birth to death requires us to honor those contracts – or not. Free Will is what determines how we handle our tests in those moments when the Higher Self is waiting to see if we are going to pass or fail. This has everything to do with how our lives unfold.

At the moment I am near the ocean celebrating Julia’s birthday with the people I love. In the midst of all of this, more than one thing in my life is coming full circle. Looking back on all the water under the bridge, I am blown away by the fact that every bit of it was written in the stars before any of us were born. Some things are beyond words, and everything is a matter of time. Let me leave you with that, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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