On June 12, 2018

A time for self-recognition

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Taurus Moon. By the time Wednesday rolls around the Moon will conjunct the Sun and enter its “New” phase in Gemini. On top of this, before the week is out, with Mercury shifting from Gemini to Cancer, and Venus on its way from Cancer to Leo, it feels to me like all of us will be dealing with a lot of movement and change, on both the personal and the collective level. “As Above So Below,” so as I describe my take on what’s going on in the sky, do your best to frame it relative to your individual experience, and from a global perspective as well.

Those of us who were born with Venus in Leo will be redefining our female aspect. This means that who we are as a female, or what we want from our female companions, will begin to shift to remain in keeping with what time and experience have done to alter our relationship to that aspect of ourselves. Venus in Leo is about radical self-recognition, self-recognition that is divorced from the superficial realm of ego and appearance, and that instead, comes from the inner knowing that beauty can only manifest when it emanates purely out of love and truth.

The questions we might want to ask ourselves are: do we need to put on the dog, or are we sure enough about who we are to just show up with no makeup and no pretense, knowing that everything about us is more than enough? And do we understand that once we come from a place of radical self-recognition we have reached the point where we no longer have to have all the attention and light shine on us in order to see ourselves? From that place we are 100 percent clear about the fact that we are only a channel for light, and in being humble enough to allow it to flow through us, by default, we light up the world with our radiance.

There are a number of other aspects to consider. Let me go down that list, and take a look at some of them. As you read through what’s here, hopefully it will give you some food for thought.

  1.  Transiting Uranus squaring Venus: All of our fundamental values are being overhauled. This could put you in touch with people and experiences that take you out of the customary box. This could be exciting; it could also be disturbing. Either way, the experience is meant to bring you to a new understanding of what love is all about.

  2.  Tisiphone squaring Pluto and Juno: There are old scores to settle in our relationships, especially in situations where the stakes are high and people’s rights are not being respected. In these situations the past is often used to get even with others. When push comes to shove it’s often the case that no one remembers how to play fair, so watch out for this.

  3.  Sphinx opposite Mercury: No one knows how to think. No one knows what to think. We find it hard to remember what actually happened. Our recollections can be at variance with what others recall.

  4.   Pythia squaring Astraea:  Nothing can come to an end until the Truth gets told. It is hard to know what’s true because we have been misled to believe in the wrong things.

  5.  Proserpina conjunct Pluto: Huge transitions that involve leavings and partings that rip us away from everything that is known and familiar. The current refugee crisis is a clear manifestation of this, but it is also showing up at the personal and private level as having to walk away from the past, and everything it represents.

  6.   Psyche conjunct Jupiter: Finding out that money, status, position, power, and even education do not exempt any of us from poverty of the spirit. Discovering that the people in charge are psychologically more messed up than we could ever imagine. Realizing that all of the trappings of success, i.e., the things that we assume are going to give us what we want do not make life any easier.

 Keep these things in mind and notice the extent to which they show up in your experience, or not. I am not right about everything; what’s written here is meant to get you thinking, and perhaps give you a way to understand that everything that goes on is subject to forces.

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