On January 31, 2018

Awaken your dreams, fertilize your visions

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer moon, on the eve of a blue moon eclipse, on the Aquarius/Leo axis. On top of all of this Ground Hog Day, a.k.a. the Mid-Winter Cross Quarter, or “Imbolc” is coming up on Friday, Feb. 2, and the Super Bowl, Sunday, Feb. 4, which is always part of the action at this time of year, will be rocking our adrenals and the testosterone factor by the time Sunday rolls around.
Needless to say, the energy is off the charts. If you’re wondering how to deal with it, join the club. And because there’s no way to pass out a neat little analysis for stuff like this, the best we can do is take one thing at a time.

As far as the eclipse goes, God only knows. Between the blue moon and the fact that the eclipse will conjunct the Pluto placement for anyone born between 1946 and 1950, be within orb of the South Node of anyone born between December of 1952 and January of 1953, conjunct the North Node of anyone born in the spring and summer of 1962, be in the same boat with the South Nodal Axis of anyone born between the summer and fall of 1971, be back on the North Node of anyone born between the late Fall of 1980 and the mid-winter of 1981, hit the South Node of anyone born between in the Spring and Summer of 1990, be back on the North Node for people born between the spring and Fall of 1999, conjunct the South Node of anyone born in the late fall of 2008, and last but not least, hit the North Node of all the babies that have come onto the planet between December 2017 and the present moment, trust me: more than a few of us are about to have some big stories light up.

For the 1946-1950 crowd, if we take Pluto to be the point of awakening for all of the Karma that our souls have incurred since the time before time, it comes down to finally pulling it all together enough to walk our talk – or not. There’s no more screwing around, no more copping out, no more selling out, and no more pulling the “fake-it-till-we-make-it” routine. We’re either on point or we’re not – and if we’re still faking it, there will be lessons that pick us up by the collar and shake us down until we get it right. No more side-stepping, no more excuses, no more spiritual double-talk. If we haven’t figured out how to bring it home, the next six months will see us having yet another rendezvous with the Cosmic Two-by-Four.

When it comes to those of us who have this blue moon eclipse shining its beams on our Nodal Axis: keep in mind that the Nodal Axis is the “Tribal Axis.” If we want to get specific, in many cases, it is “Mom.” Don’t be surprised if there are alterations in the family dynamic, and/or events that relate directly to our Mothers, to mothering, and to the extended family.

If we think of it in general terms, that axis is directly related to our past lives and to our purpose in this life. The South Node is the stories we have brought with us from another time. The North Node is the direction and the point of fulfillment in this life. An eclipse on the North Node could very well light the way to things that bring us closer to our reason for living. An eclipse on the South Node could easily keep us stuck in the patterns of the past.
As far as the Mid-Winter Cross Quarter goes? P.S. – Ground Hog Day has never been about the little creature in Punxsutawney, Penn. The Mid-Winter Cross Quarter, a.k.a., Imbolc, Saint Brigid’s Day, or Candlemas, marks the moment in time when Mother Earth wakes up and releases the fluids that bring forth the dreams and visions for the coming year. The space between Feb. 2 and Feb. 3 happens to be the point in the yearly cycle when the female energy rises up from the heart of the Earth and opens the space for those dreams and visions to be fertilized.

The ground hog, and the Super Bowl are merely distractions that were invented to numb and dumb us down. Instead of loading up on beer and placing our bets on the Eagles or the Patriots, or waiting for the ground hog to make his decision, this moment in time would be better spent lighting candles and giving some thought to imagining what the world could be like if we poured our hearts into it.

Pardon me if I sound like Miss Fire and Brimstone, but we’re at the end of the line and I am sick and tired of all of the nonsense that keeps us asleep and the truth at bay. At the end of the day, all I can say is, I don’t know what the point spread will be but look for double sevens, or multiples thereof, and bet on the Patriots to win this one. As far as the ground hog goes? Where the snow flies? You guys will have to wait a while longer before the sun begins to shine. Over and above all of that, it’s time to spark up your candles, make a little magic, do whatever it takes to make your dreams real, and take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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