On September 20, 2017

Pittsford Community Connects hosted successful social event, draws over 100

Dear Editor,

Pittsford Community Connects held our Ice Cream Social on Sept. 10 at The Village Farm on 42 Elm St. in Pittsford.
We hosted over 100 people on the property, looking around, asking questions, and thinking about the future. We would like to thank the many people and agencies who helped to make this event possible:

Island Homemade Ice Cream; Anne Pelkey, Pittsford Historical Society; Guy and Kelly Baker; Rutland County Humane Society; Bonnie Stewart, Maclure Library; Olivia Keith; Liz Soulia; Meghan and Gordon Fox; Laurie Kamuda, Kamuda’s Market; Beth Saradarian; Nancy Eddy; Kelly and Brian Connaughton; Steve Spensley; Kris and Peter Cady; DJ Keith, Winning Image Graphix; Bob Harnish; Barbara Cooper Lalancette; Lothrop Elementary PTO; Betsy and Baird Morga; and a big thank you to Jennifer Tinsman for organizing the event and Aaron Tinsman, ProAxis Building and Restoration for building and donating picnic tables for the farm.

Our next big focus will be hosting community conversations to invite public input.

We will announcing the dates and locations as soon as they are available.

We are happy to announce that the Village Farm expansion of the Pittsford trails and connection to the Cadwell Loop is complete.

The Trail is open to the public and parking is available at the Village Farm.

Kelly Connaughton, Pittsford

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