On August 23, 2017

Get ready for a bumpy ride

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a New Moon eclipse, with both lights situated at the 28th Degree of Leo. This makes it nearly impossible to shed any light on the matter, because the lies and deceptions that permeate current events have gone so far over the top, seeing the forest for the trees is being mucked up by the fact that none of us has access to the truth. Still, maybe there is something we can say. As I send prayers to the Creator for some measure of objectivity, I am holding my breath, because when chaos is on top of the stack, the scales can tilt either way.

This eclipse falls at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo. Closer to the 29th degree of the sign, both degrees have significance and need to be examined closely. The notion that there will be something cataclysmic that underscores whatever happens on Aug. 21 isn’t that farfetched – but all eclipses have a reach that extends beyond the current moment. From what I can see, this one is triggering a stack of dominoes that will eventually come to a head between the end of December 2017, and late April, early May of 2018, when transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus form trines to the 28th-29th degrees of Leo.

With the shadow of the eclipse arcing over the United States there is no way to avoid wondering to what extent it will impact the divisive energies that have overtaken this country. Layering the eclipse chart over President Trump’s horoscope, his Ascendant, or “Point of Purpose,” is well-aspected, and sits smack dab on the 28th-29th degree of Leo. On the surface he appears to be surrounded by levels of protection that will see him rise above all of the negativity that has grown up around him.

This notion is buttressed by the fact that the Fixed Star Regulus occupies the 28th and 29th degree of Leo. Classical astrology labels this “the degree of highest honor.” It is the royal star, the star of high office, and great power. But we live in a polarized reality where what rises to the top can always come down, and Regulus can also generate sudden downfalls, accidents, and violence.

Going deeper into the eclipse chart, the Trans-Neptunian Point, Kronos is positioned opposite the midpoint of Pluto and Astraea. Translated this puts the Lord of Hell and the concept of disastrous endings in a dangerous configuration with the point that holds space for the authorities, the power possessors, the big boys, and whoever’s in charge.

Saturn in Sagittarius is complicating things in a big way. Sagittarius is a lot of things, but fundamentally it is all about the truth. Some say that there is no such thing as absolute truth, and that our definition of the truth is limited to how we perceive things. How we perceive things depends upon our upbringing, the way we are educated, our spiritual/religious programming, our ethnicity, and our experience. Seen in this light, all of us form a definition of what is true for us based on multiple forms of input. Since we are all uniquely different when it comes to the input we have received, it doesn’t take much to see that each one of us is walking around with ideas and beliefs that make it hard to find a whole lot of common ground with our fellow human beings.

What will evolve out of this eclipse is anyone’s guess. What we do about that is up to us, and 100  percent reliant upon how our free will responds in a crisis. From my point of view things will go a lot better if from our own little pinhole perspective we can begin to haul back and take a wider view, by beginning to see that none of us is “right” about anything, and that all of us have been hogtied to perceptions that could very well be totally wrong.

Best of luck opening your heart and your mind to the possibility that we can find a way to ride out the storm that lies ahead. Take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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