On May 3, 2017

Give yourself space

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. “Mother of the Skye”

This week’s horoscopes are coming out in the heat of the Beltane Crossquarter, under the light of a Cancer Moon. With aspects that put the Moon in a position to rattle more than a few cages before the day is out, between a square to Uranus and another one to Pluto, there will be inner and outer disturbances that reflect the extent to which we can keep walking our talk, in the midst of frustration, intensity, and conflict.

The Moon in Cancer has a natural tendency to want to form and maintain secure umbilical connections. Good luck to anyone who expects that to happen under these aspects! Sometimes a little time away from our differences makes it easier to see what’s going on. The tendency to need too much from people who a) have nothing  to give, and who b) need way too much in return, is bound to drive many of us nuts. Knowing enough to distance yourself is where it’s at right now.

If you’re in a relationship of any kind—and this means with your partner, lover, spouse, boss, kids, teachers, friends—whatever: the need for space is paramount. It’s a little known fact that gravity is stronger at a distance. The rays of this Cancer Moon make that axiom more than true for the next day or so. This means that, as much as we may want to hang on to people and/or cling to places and things, at the moment any wish to do so will keep the best possibilities from coming to pass.

The Beltane Crossquarter will reach its peak tonight. The seeds that we sow, and any magic that we create in the next seven days will carry more weight than at any other time. Use the next week to dream dreams and cast spells for renewal. Everything is light, and all of it is right at our fingertips—keep that in mind and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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