On March 1, 2017

Eclipses negate surety

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out in the wake of a New Moon eclipse in the sign of the Fishes. I could fill your heads with all kinds of nonsense that makes it sound like I know what this eclipse did to us, but it would be like “pouring from the empty, into the void.” There is no way to talk about eclipses with any surety. My feeling is, they are like mile-markers on our pathway through the galaxy. Eclipses tell us where we are stationed in time, relative to the 25,000-year Grand Cycle that spirals us through the cosmos.

If an eclipse impacts us on an individual basis, it is because the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets on that day are making exact aspects to points in our natal charts. From that perspective there is no way to make blanket predictions about an eclipse and its effects, because each horoscope is unique to the person and to the moment they were born. What might help us beam in on possible meanings behind the latest eclipse, are the Sabian Symbols. This eclipse took place at the eighth degree of Pisces. Let’s see what Marc Edmund Jones has to say about that piece of the Zodiac in “A girl blowing a bugle” from “The Sabian Symbols.” Here’s an excerpt:

“This symbolic picture presents another aspect of the emotional relationship between the individual and the collectivity of human beings. It can also be related to the old feminist movement or the present women’s liberation. In traditional symbolism the woman refers more specifically to the biological and psychic aspect of human life; she is seen primarily as the Mother, and/or the intuitive ‘psychic’ type of person. A new race of human beings may well be slowly unfolding some of its potential of consciousness and fulfillment. The individual who envisions this evolutionary development ‘sounds the call.’ He or she is both seer-herald, and mutant. In that sense such a human being is both an individual true to his original nature and a dedicated person dedicated to the future he or she holds in latency as does a seed in mutation.

At this third stage , the two preceding phases blend in a new form of consecration of the individual to the whole. Tomorrow acts through today; it summons men to rebirth.”

Well, I think I get the picture. Whatever it looks like from your perspective, all of the above is due to ring true by the end of this coming August, during the next New Moon eclipse at the 28th Degree of Leo. What exists as potential will be fulfilled, or not, before the summer comes to an end. I guess it comes down to: How do we see ourselves, individually and collectively, moving into the future? Seems like a good question… The future is alive and well “in the moment”—give that some thought, and let this week’s ‘scopes give you a little something to reflect upon as you start to wonder how to get there from here.

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