On February 9, 2017

Local shopper unhappy with TJ Maxx carrying Trump brand

Editors note: the following is an open letter to Ernie Herrman, CEO and president of TJMaxx

Dear Mr. Herrman,

I am writing to tell you that I have stopped shopping in TJMaxx stores since the election in November of 2016. That is when I became aware that you carry Ivanka accessories.  I’m sure that you have not missed my 100 or so dollars a month that I would usually spend at your store. But I have missed shopping with you. This is probably hurting me more than it is you. But the real hurt is what is being delivered to our nation by Trump.

Let me be very clear: The objective of boycotting is not to destroy your business or to cause job losses. The objective is to send a direct message to you, the CEO, to your Board of Directors, and your stockholders that your merchandising choice regarding Ivanka brand goods needs to change.

I know that public pressure and consumer spending has a big effect on markets and policy. Just this week, the CEO of Uber resigned from Trump’s Economic Advisory Council. Uber profited from continuing service at JFK airport last weekend when all the NYC cabs boycotted the airport in a show of support for the protesters. Consequently, 200,000 customers deleted their Uber accounts. The CEO decided it wasn’t economically advantageous to be aligned with the Trump administration.

Recently, the retailers: Shoes.com, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom’s all cancelled their Ivanka fashion and jewellery line because of public outcry and customer boycotts of their stores.

In a consumer based economy, our money has power. So I am asking you to cancel your merchandising of Ivanka accessories. Please let me know as soon as possible when you have done this, so that I can resume shopping at my favorite TJMaxx store.

In the meantime, I am going to donate the $100.00 I would have spent at your establishment this month to the ACLU, so that green card holders, immigrants and refugees seeking to enter the US can have some legal representation.

Sincerely and respectfully, Your Once Loyal Customer,

Candy Jones, Rutland

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