On August 24, 2016

A rebellion against Trump

By Angelo S. Lynn

In a rare development, members of a major political party are rising up against its presidential nominee in growing numbers. Among these is a well-known grass-roots group of Republicans, called R4C16.org, which has posted its endorsement for Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is signed by “a raft of Republicans who have served in GOP administrations, in the military and on GOP campaigns,” reports the Washington Post, and the group boasts 20,000 followers on Facebook. The statement reads:

“We are proud members of the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, a party rooted in liberty and respect for the individual. We support policies of limited government, free-market economics, and a strong, global vision of foreign policy and national security.

“Donald Trump betrays our values and beliefs. His campaign has been marked by isolationism, nationalism, vulgarity, and ignorance of serious policy matters. Supporting Mr. Trump forsakes Republican history, harms the Republican brand, and breaks the trust of millions of current and future Republican voters.

“In the 2016 election, we will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for President of the United States. Secretary Clinton is a more qualified candidate and would make a better president. Voting for her is best for our country. It is also a necessary step to restore the Republican Party to its core principles. We will not allow Trumpism to become the new Republican Party.”

That’s damning criticism from within one’s own party, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fifty former Republican leaders entrenched in foreign affairs and policy with previous Republican presidents from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, plus military leaders during those administrations, released a signed letter last week saying Trump would be a “reckless” and “dangerous” president and “a threat to national security.”

Two questions: Are Trump supporters listening, and is party more important than country?

Angelo Lynn is the editor and publisher of the Addison Independent, a sister publication of the Mountain Times.

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