On June 22, 2016

Solstice, bringing our dreams to life

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

With the Sun sitting at the first degree of the sign, Cancer, this week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Full Capricorn Moon. Welcome to the Summer Solstice! This could very well be the most magical day of the year.

The Sun and the Moon have just passed through Galactic Center. They are now stationed at opposite ends of the Axis Mundi. The Axis Mundi is the vertical axis of the universe. From an earthly perspective, at the energetic level, this is where Mother Earth and Father Sky find a way to meet in the middle. It is here that the ‘as-above-so-below-ness’ of things transcends duality, just long enough to light up the creation process, and open the space to bring our dreams to life. As one of the most powerful points in the yearly cycle, its intensity doesn’t loan itself to the usual patter, so let’s talk about what’s really going on here.

As the Sun approaches its zenith, and a steady round of solar flares ushers us into this season of heat and light, we stand at a tipping point. This time around, The Solar force is flexing itself with new forms of energy. The light from within it is inseminating the Earth with information, and teachings, and signs, and messages, all of which beckon us to open our eyes and wake up.

Glorifying the skies with its brilliance, and in the same moment surrendering itself to the heart of the Earth, as waves of consciousness filter through the veil, they come to remind us who we are. Life is being reignited.  Everything on this planet is being alchemically transformed by forces that are out of this world.

For anyone who ascribes to the notion that, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” this day is huge. If you can find a way to manage it, in the midst of whatever your mundane affairs require, it would be great if you could light a candle and take time to look at what your dreams are all about. Are they for real or just a product of your ego? For some, the bigger question might be, “Are you still willing to dream?” and for others, “Do you remember how?” This isn’t just New Age BS: this is the stuff that weaves our lives into being.

All of us are creators here; keep that in mind — and don’t just pay lip service to it — live it. Have a wonderful Solstice, get in touch with your heart’s desire, keep the candles burning, and enjoy this weeks’ ‘scopes.

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